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Tip Center - Software To Track iPhone

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Being the victim of a lost or stolen iPhone is a terrible feeling. We are here to help maximize your chance to recover your lost or stolen iPhone.

iPhone is currently the world’s most popular smart phone. People carry their iPhones with them everywhere, which means there's always a chance of a lost iPhone or a stolen iPhone. You can report a lost or stolen iphone now by clicking the blue button below or continue to read the helpful tips on this page which include how to prevent iPhone theft, track a stolen iPhone, file a police report for iPhone theft, how to report stolen iPhone here on and iPhone recovery.

Lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone Tracking Software


Be sure to check out Apple's new offer for FREE MobileMe lost iPhone or stolen iPhone here.

This is a list of popular iPhone tracking software to find a stolen iPhone.

>> iLocalis is an iPhone anti-theft solution

What iLocalis does is lets you track your lost or stolen iPhone location and control it remotely. iLocalis is considered one of the best iPhone tracking and remote control application for a lost or stolen iPhone.

Here are some iLocalis features:

  • Lost iPhone - If your iPhone is lost simply log onto the iLocalis web site and you will know where it was last located.
  • Stolen iPhone - If you have experienced iPhone theft you can log onto the iLocalis web site and see where it is at using it's GPS locator. Another cool feature with iLocalis is you can actually make calls or send text messages on the iPhone even if you don't have the iPhone with you. If your iPhone was stolen and the thief changed the sim card you can detect their phone number.
  • Locator and Messaging - You can also have iLocalis send messages to your friends and family when you are near by. This feature can also be used to have designated friends locate you. You can also send free messages to friends that have iLocalis installed on their iPhone.
  • Employee Tracker - Businesses also use iLocalis to track and locate their employees that are carrying iPhones with iLocalis installed on them.

>> Track a lost or stolen iPhone with Find My iPhone from Apple's MoblileMe

Apple announced a new service called Find My iPhone. Find My iPhone allows the iPhone owner to remotely locate their stolen iPhone remotely using the iPhones GPS. The Find My iPhone service is available as part of Apple's MoblileMe online subscription.

With the assistance of Google Maps, the Find My iPhone application can determine the iPhone’s current location of the lost or stolen iPhone. The iPhone owner can send and display messages remotely even if the iPhone is locked, this can be to give information on how to return the iPhone and / or to announce that the iPhone has been reported stolen. Another feature of Find My iPhone is an ability to play a sound for two minutes, this can be helpful if it recently got stolen of if it happens to be misplaced under a seat or something.

A subscription to Apple's MobileMe service is required for the Find My iPhone. After a free 2-month trial, the Apple MobileMe service costs $65.99 on or $99 a year directly from Apple. Find My iPhone can be of enormous help in covering a lost or stolen iPhone.

>> Mobile Spy 3.0 GPS tracking for stolen iPhone

There is also an application called Mobile Spy from Retina-X Studios for tracking a stolen iPhone.

Here are some of the Mobile Spy features:

  • iPhone theft - track a stolen iPhone using the GPS technology.
  • Record SMS text messages - It records teen, family or employee text messages by logging into the online SSL secured control panel from a computer or cell phone with internet.
  • Record call activity - Similar to the text message tracking, Mobile Spy can also track call activity on the iPhone.

Mobile Spy version 3.0 is compatible with all iPhone models. The subscription price is $99 per year.

>> Track and Recover a stolen iPhone with iHound software

The iHound software is a free security software program the alerts you by email when the stolen iPhone is connected to a computer. It can also detect the location of the stolen iPhone using the iPhones GPS technology by logging in to iHound’s web site.

>> Navizon for recovering a lost or stolen iPhone

Navizon uses a combination of GPS, Wi-Fi an cellular triangulation technology. If your iPhone is stolen Navizon calculates the location by analyzing signals from Wi-Fi access points and cell towers. Another feature of Navizon is called Locate-by-SMS locates the lost or stolen iPhone when an SMS massage is sent to the stolen iPhone.

Final Note

Unfortunately if you have experienced iPhone theft and didn't already have this software installed on the stolen iPhone it doesn't do any good. At this point your best chance is to file a police report and report stolen iPhone here on

Tips for iPhone theft prevention


Our new world of compact and lightweight devices such as the iPhone have made the mobility of technology so easy and convenient. Unfortunately, such ease of transport creates opportunity for theft. Here are some tips to help avoid such incidences of iPhone theft.

Rule of thumb for iPhone theft prevention

The best way to prevent iPhone theft is to keep it in your sight at all times. Never leave your iPhone anywhere unsupervised for even a moment as these devices are small and can easily disappear very quickly.

Acceleration-Based iPhone Theft Detection System

Apple recently announced a system in development and patenting that will analyze the movement using the iPhone's accelerometer to determine if iPhone theft is occurring. If the system interprets fast movement like that of a thief, it will initiate an alarm.

This iPhone theft detection system would have methods to prevent false alarms which would filter out events like shock or impact from the iPhone being dropped. The system would also have a visual warning to alert potential thieves that iPhone theft prevention is installed on the iPhone.