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Tip Center - Stolen TV

Report Stolen TV is a free, worldwide, simple to use stolen property database. Users can search and/or report a stolen TV or any other stolen item. If you wish to report TV theft or any other stolen property click REPORT TV STOLEN to enter it into our easy-to-use stolen property database.

Tips below are designed to help victims of TV theft maximize the potential of return.


File a police report for a stolen TV

The step-by-step procedure to report a TV stolen varies. It depend on the laws of your country, municipality, township, state, county, etc. You may need to tailor the procedure for stolen property, listed below, to suit those specific differences.

(Step 1) First you should file a police report. Police should be contacted immediately. Every moment which passes, decreases the chance of recovery of your stolen TV.

(Step 2) The police will come to your home, ask you questions about the stolen TV and fill-out a stolen property report. The theft of the TV undoubtedly involved breaking and entering, which is felony. Police will investigate these crimes thoroughly in most circumstances. It is important for you to give police a many details as possible. Who had access to your place? Was it forced entry? If they stole your TV, odds are that it was expensive and they were prepared with dolly and a truck or SUV.

(Step 3) The police will issue you a case number associated with your stolen TV report. Keep this case number somewhere handy, since police will want you to refer to this case number when contacting them about your stolen TV in the future.

If your TV was stolen, speak to your neighbors immediately

If you are the victim of TV theft, odds are your neighbors heard or saw something. Talk to the immediately after filing the police report. Did they see or hear anything strange?

The theft of a TV is a pretty brazen crime. More then one person as involved in this crime, most likely, and they had to leave with it in vehicle. This can attract a lot of attention.

Report stolen TV to insurance company

If your TV was stolen, it is most likely covered under your home insurance policy or renter's insurance policy.

After you file a police report, contact your insurance provider and report the stolen TV and any other property stolen from your house. You will need to provide your insurance company the details as well as the case number issued to you by police when you filed a stolen property report for the TV.

Report TV stolen on

After you have filed a police report and an insurance claim, create an account on and report a stolen TV on this site. It is free and easy to do so. Simply click REGISTER at the top right of this page and you will be guided. It will take only a couple minutes to report on our global stolen TV database, and the list is searchable anywhere in the world for free. is the most comprehensive stolen property registry in the world, and will help maximize your chance to recover your stolen TV, and bring the perpetrators to justice.