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Tip Center - Stolen Property

Stolen Property List is a free, easy-to-use, comprehensive stolen property list providing users a chance to recover stolen property online. If you have property which has been stolen, read the information below, click the REPORT REPORT PROPERTY THEFT ONLINE button and enter your item into our stolen property list.


Step by Step - Stolen Property List

(Step 1) Contact your local police authority and immediately file a police report. Depending on the nature of the crime, you will either be required to go down to the local police or they will come to you. If you had multiple items stolen, make a stolen property list so that you are prepared to report all items stolen to police, and do not omit any from the police stolen property list.

(Step 2) The police will look at your stolen property list and ask you a series of questions in order to get more details for specific items on the stolen property list. It's best to present the police with other information, which you feel will help the police recover any item on your stolen property list.

(Step 3) Look at your stolen property list and put yourself in the shoes of the thief. Would the thief be able to use an item of the stolen property list to further victimize you? Is there identification in your stolen vehicle, which might allow the criminal to steal your identify or apply for a cell phone? Is a laptop computer on your stolen property list? Can the thief access the files? Even if it's password protected, there are ways to circumvent password protection. The thief will then have access to your files. Do these files include personal information, job contacts, home address, security codes, passwords for websites, bank accounts. As you see, a laptop can be one of the most dangerous items on your stolen property list. You may wish to simply initiate a security freeze with the big three credit reporting agencies in order to prevent identity theft.

(Step 4) The next step is to contact your insurance policy holder, if any of the items on your stolen property list were insured.

(Step 5) Now that you've reported the stolen property list to your insurance company, it's time to take that stolen property list or the information from what is hopefully a sole piece of stolen property and enter it into the database on It's very simple: Create an account, create a new listing(s), and post that new listing(s) on If you do not post the listing it simply remains in the database shared by and our sister website, You can view your listings by clicking the MY ACCOUNT tab.

(Step 6) If you're reporting a stolen property list or a single stolen item on, you've come to realize the importance of the three important identifiers namely manufacturer, make/model and serial number/VIN number. If you did not have these there identifiers during Step 1, the police may have told you that the chances of recovering any item from your stolen property list is remote. Now is a good time to walk around your apartment, condo or house with pen and paper and write down these three identifiers for every valuable piece of property you own. For each piece of property create a NEW LISTING on or even Simply do not check the box marked POST ON STOLEN-PROPERTY next to your listing, otherwise you'll be reporting it as stolen property on the database. If you leave the box unchecked you'll simply be creating a listing on the database shared by and, which can only be viewed by you.