stolen property

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Stolen Jewelry Database


Reporting stolen jewelry on is free. If you would like to report a stolen jewelry on our database, you can do so on by clicking the blue button "REPORT STOLEN JEWELRY NOW" below. You should also report the stolen jewelry to the police immediately.

You may also search for stolen jewelry on the Our stolen jewelry database is free and easy to use. Simply enter the identification or serial number, if there is one, in the search field at the top right of this page and click "Search." The results are displayed instantly. If you are in possession of stolen jewelry, the jewelry will be confiscated and you could face criminal charges. It is therefore imperative to search the stolen jewelry database before purchasing jewelry. If you have information related to jewelry, which has been reported stolen in our database, you can send an anonymous message to the owner. You should also contact local law enforcement.

All jewelry reported stolen on can be found below, regardless of whether or not a serial number was entered by the victim.