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Tip Center - Stolen Bike

Stolen Bicycle List is a free, worldwide stolen property database, which allows people to report a stolen bicycle or a variety of other stolen property. If you are not already a victim of bicycle theft, you may wish to read the report stolen bicycle page which examines existing stolen bicycle reports in order to learn from the victims and help prevent bicycle theft in the future.

Tips and information on this page were collected to help you maximize the chance of recovery of your stolen bicycle or prevent bicycle theft in the future. If you have a stolen bicycle to add to our stolen bicycle list, the REPORT STOLEN BICYCLE NOW button to begin.


Report stolen bicycle to police

(Step 1) If you bicycle has been stolen, you should immediately contact the police who oversee the area where the bike was stolen.

(Step 2) The police will ask you a series of questions. At the conclusion they will add your stolen bicycle to the stolen bicycle list. In other words, they are filling out a police report for a stolen bicycle, and adding it to a list of stolen bicycles. Unfortunately, the chances of the police recovering your stolen bicycle are fairly remote, but you can help increases your chances by giving the police any details you can think of which will help police recover your stolen bicycle.

(Step 3) You will be given a police report case number for your stolen bicycle. It's important that you retain this case number as it will help you deal with police in the future regarding your stolen bicycle.

Report theft of bicycle to bike shops

Call local bike shops and let them know that your bike has been stolen. Give them manufacturer, brand, and serial number. Although, some bicycles nowadays are incredibly expensive, bicycle thieves are traditionally not the brightest criminals and you may be able to catch the people who stole your bicycle by calling your local bicycle shops and asking that they add your bike to their stolen bicycle list.

Report bicycle theft to pawn shops

Call local pawn shops and give them the brand, model, and serial number of your stolen bicycle to add to their list of stolen bicycles. Pawn shops are required by law to turn over stolen property, so if you have reported a bicycle theft to them they will not purchase your bicycle and may report the thief to the police.

Report bike theft to your insurance company

You may suprised to discover that your bike theft is covered under your home owner's insurance or rental insurance. It's best to read your policy and report the bike theft insurance company.

Stolen bikes listed on eBay

Create an eBay account, create a search for your bicycle's brand and model name, and have eBay email you any matching listings. Stolen bicycles and other items are sold on eBay everyday, and by using eBay in this manner your stolen bicycle will not be one of them and if the criminal(s) do attempt to sell the stolen bicycle on eBay, you may be able to catch the criminal(s). The likelihood, of course, of a person listing a stolen bicycle on eBay with the stolen serial number is minimal at best. If you so happen to come across your stole bicycle on eBay or in any other way online, it's best to call the police to inform the police.

Upload information to our stolen bicycle list on

If you have had your bicycle stolen, after you've taken all the steps above, list all of the three major identifiers (manufacturer/make, brand/model, serial/VIN number) and enter the information into

It's free to use our stolen bicycle database, regardless of whether your are reporting a stolen bicycle or attempting to determine if a particular bike has been reported as a theft on our site. Police and pawn shops use our stolen bicycle database and it is one the most prominent stolen bike databases online. It takes only a couple minutes to register and list your bike stolen in perpetuity, so why not do so today?

Choosing a stolen bicycle database has the largest stolen bicycle database online. There are many search phrases that a stolen bicycle victim may enter, which stolen bike database / stolen bike list he or she will use is unknown, so the more stolen bike databases you post your stolen bike on the better.

The stolen bicycle database is free to use for both victims and people searching the stolen bike database and easy to list your stolen bike. is agressively marketed worldwide as a stolen bike database, which increases the chances that it will be the first resource for someone conducting a search for a stolen bike using an online database.

Report your stolen bicycle here.

Stolen BMX Bikes

The increasing popularity of BMX bikes over the last decade has increased in the amount of stolen BMX bikes. Police reports for stolen BMX bikes has raised sharply over the last three years alone. Of all bikes stolen, BMX bikes are the most popular bike to steal for theives. actively markets the stolen BMX bikes database to increase the chance of recovering stolen BMX bikes.

Report stolen BMX bikes here.

Here are some tips to avoid experiencing a stolen BMX bike:

  • Never leave you BMX bike unattended, even for just a moment.
  • Always lock your BMX bike in an open, well lit populated area.
  • When locking your BMX bike, always use a very strong bike lock. Many stolen BMX bikes were taken by cutting weak locks, cables or chains, experts estimate that takes less than seven seconds to steal a locked BMX bike.
  • Do not leave your BMX bike overnight, even locked in a bike rack.
  • Always secure quick release parts, even if you have to bring them with you.
  • Always secure your BMX bike to solid objects. Avoind using street signs or small trees that the bike can be lifted off lock and all.
  • Keep photo, serial number and proof of purchuse documentation for your BMX bike in case you experience BMX bike theft.