stolen property

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Tip Center - Report Theft Online

Report Theft Online is free and allows users to easily report theft online in our stolen property database. In order to begin your report simply click REPORT THEFT ONLINE NOW.

The information on this page is freely given in order to help victims of theft to properly report the crime.


Step by Step - Report Theft Online


(Step 1) The best way to report theft online is on It is the most comprehensive list of stolen property online.

(Step 2) Before or after you report theft online on, you should fill out an official police report. The police will be contacted in the event the stolen property is recovered or a tip to recovering the stolen property is given through

(Step 3) In order to report theft online through, you should have the stolen property's manufacturer name / brand name, serial number or vehicle identification number (VIN #), and model or make. You enter these identifying characteristics into a new posting on (Note: Make New Listing a hyperlink to your pop-up explaining the difference.)

(Step 4) Now is a good time to gather all the information on your other valuable property and enter them into This information is private and can be accessed only by you and the administrators who manage both of and In the event you need to report theft online in the future, then you can simply access your account on from anywhere in the world, check a box and the item(s) will be reported online as theft.

(Step 5) Depending on the nature of your stolen property, you can improve the chances of recovering your stolen property even further after you report theft online with, by starting a EBay account and creating a search for your stolen property by searching for the brand, model or name of the stolen property. Stolen property unfortunately is sold on EBay everyday and most people are not used to asking for a serial number in order to determine if an item has been reported stolen online. Stolen-property is the way to report theft online and search in order to determine if property has been reported stolen. is changing the way property is bought and sold the world over.