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Tip Center - Stolen Watch / Stolen Rolex

Report Watch Theft / Rolex Theft

Having personal property stolen is a terrible feeling. At one time or another just about everybody experiences it so do know you are not alone and we're here to help. It was the reason we created the online stolen property database.

Here are some steps to guide you through the process on how to report a stolen watch such as a stolen Rolex. If you report a stolen Rolex on our international stolen property database, you are iincreasing your chances of recovering the stolen Rolex and reducing the chance of the thief circulating and profiting from it.


Report stolen watch - steps to file a police report

Here are some general steps to report watch theft to the police. These steps may vary from district to district. To find the exact procedure for your area, contact the local police station.

  1. Call the police station of for area in which the watch / Rolex theft occurred.
  2. Obtain the address for the station to report stolen watch / Rolex theft and go in to the location.
  3. Upon arrival, ask for the correct paperwork to file a police report for the stolen watch / Rolex theft.
  4. Enter as much information as possible for the stolen watch / Rolex theft including serial number.
  5. The police will then provide a case report number for the stolen watch / Rolex theft, keep this number safe.

Can I Report stolen Rolex directory to Rolex?

Yes! Once you report stolen Rolex to your local authorities and have reported it here on this international stolen property data base, you should also consider to report stolen Rolex directly to Rolex, they maintain a stolen Rolex data base as well which is always checked when a Rolex is brought in for service. The phone number to report stolen Rolex directly to Rolex is: 1-800-367-6539

Insurance for a stolen watch

You can have insurance for watch theft. For stolen watch compensation most insurance companies require the following:

  • A receipt or proof of purchase for the watch that was stolen
  • An official stolen watch police
  • A serial number for the stolen watch
  • An image of the stolen watch

When reporting anything stolen the more information in visual reference the better. In general when creating an insurance claim for watch theft, the more information provided especially images really speeds the time for compensation.

Report stolen watch on

Once you have followed the steps to report watch theft to the police, you might as well report it here at's international stolen property data base. This increases you chance of recovering the stolen watch by a world of difference. Here are the step to report stolen watch on Stolen-Property:

  1. Fill out our easy registration form. To navigate to the registration page click "Register" in the top left corner of
  2. Activate your account by clicking the link sends once the register form is completed.
  3. Log in to your account by clicking "Log In" on the top right corner of
  4. Report stolen watch by clicking "New Listing" then "Jewelry" then "Watch."
  5. Input as much information as possible especially if you have images of the stolen watch.
  6. Keep "Post on Stolen-Property to internationally report as stolen" selected and click "Submit."

That's it! The stolen watch will now be internationally reported stolen on the stolen property data base. We hope this helps with to recover your stolen watch or stolen Rolex.