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Tip Center - Stolen Video Camera

How to Report a Stolen Video Camera is the world's most comprehensive stolen video camera database. This stolen video camera list also includes video camera support items such as a tripod, camera batteries, a charger, sound gear HD monitors, etc.. If you wish to report a video camera theft or related items, simply click on REPORT STOLEN VIDEO CAMERA now to begin the quick and easy process.

The tips below have been collected over the years from variety of sources and are designed to help maximize the possibility of recovering a stolen video camera and/or stolen camera support equipment. If you have additional video camera tips that you wish to share for the good of all, please contact us with your suggestion.


How to file a police report for a stolen video camera

(Step 1) Contact the police department, which has jurisdiction over the location where the video camera was stolen. During that conversation, the police may either tell you to come down to the station in order to file a police report for a stolen video camera or, alternatively, the police may come to the location where the crime occurred in order to investigate the particulars of your case.

(Step 2) Regardless of the location, the police will as you several questions in order to accurately fill out a police report for your stolen video camera. They wil ask you for the serial number, make and model of the high definition ("HD") or standard definition ("SD") stolen camera.

(Step 3) The police will enter your stolen digital camera into a database of stolen video cameras, which can be search by local police in the future.

(Step 4) The police will give you a case number once you have filed the police report. This case numbe is forever associated with the theft of your video camera. When contacting the police, in the future, you must refer to this case number so that they can call it up from their stole video camera database / list and provide you with an update on your case.

Report stolen video camera on

Once you have filed a police report for the stolen video camcorder, you should report the digital camera thef on this site. offers video camera theft victims an easy-to-use, free way to report a stolen HD camera or SD camera worldwide within minutes. Our stolen video camera database / registry is also free for users around the world and can be accessed for the top of any page on this site.

You can add a camera to the stolen propety database by clicking REGISTER or REPORT STOLEN VIDEO CAMERA NOW buttons found above. The process takes 1-2 minutes to complete and by doing so your stolen video camera listing can be seen by anyone around the world who enters a matching serial number

After you have created your stolen property listing, enter your stolen video camera's serial number into the field box at the top of any page. The search result returned should be your stolen digital video camera. Look over the information and change any inaccuracies you find or modify the contact information which appears. The stolen video camera / stolen camera support listing is exactly what someone would see if they too entered the serial number of a video camera they are considering purchasing.

List stolen video camera accesories on

Not only can you report video camera theft ranging from a stolen Red Camera to a stolen prosumer camera on, you can report video camera accessories stolen as well.

Video camera accessories which can reported stolen on this site include, but are no limited to a stolen tripod, monitor, batteries, charger, lens, viewfinder, cable, matte box, filters, zoom control, lav mic, boom mic, lights (Arri or Lowell) and/or follow focus. You can also report a stolen 35mm camera as well.

The site is the most prominent stolen video equipment database online, so it's definitely worth your while to take a couple minutes and report the theft.

Report stolen video camera to your insurance company

After you have filed a police report for a stolen camcorder and or support gear (tripods, monitors, batteries, charger, lens, audio equipment, etc.), then contact your insurance company and inform them of the theft. Depending on the location and circumstances surrounding the theft of your video camera, you may be shocked to discover that you are covered under your home owner's insurance, renter's insurance or even your auto insurance. It is important that you file a police report first, since most insurance companies will not pay out for property theft without a case number/filing a report.

Search stolen video camera databases, lists and registries

It is horrible to deal with the loss of a video camera, since for many people it was an artistic purchase or a way to capture memories with family and friends.

Scouring eBay or craigslist for your stolen camera can be hauntingly time-consuming and ultimately unproductive. Searching for the serial number in Google is worth a shot, but what criminal is going to list a stolen video camera's serial number online?

One of the owners of this site, can relate to your loss. As a HD cameraman for over a decade he has witnessed several attempts, some successful, made by criminals in an attempt to steal video camera equipment. It is one of the reasons was created since there was not a stolen video camera database online at the time.

It is, of course, entirely up to you whether or not you wish to scour eBay, craigslist and/or search video camera databases looking for your stolen camera, but it is highly recommended that you simply use two of those minutes to enter your stolen HD or SD video camera and/or camcorder support equipment into our stolen video camera registry. By doing so, you can have the piece of mind in knowing that the information related to your stolen video camera is available to be searched online from anywhere in the world - even as you sleep.