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Stolen Trek Superfly 100 AL Elite

This Trek Superfly 100 AL Elite has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    WTU253G5144G
Make :   Trek
Model :   Superfly 100 AL Elite
Year :   2013
Color :   gray, silver, with orange acce
Cash Reward :   300
Additional Info :   Location: Lonestar Lofts apartment complex 2408 Leon Street Austin, TX 78705 Monday, December 15, 2014 10:30pm - 12:30am Bike description: Big ass mountain bike 2013 Trek Superbly 100 AL Elite with 29” wheels gray and silver with orange accents worth $3000 MSRP Serial #: WTU253G5144G I came home about 11:00pm on my bike to my apartment, and walked to the backside balcony (facing the Pike fraternity house). I intended to run in quickly and grab a few things quickly, so I propped the bike up against the railing right outside the door. I left my rear LED safety lights flashing. I came back out about 20-25 minutes later and it was gone. I went door to door to my neighbors asking if they’d seen anything. One said that they saw a suspicious person standing around the Southeast corner of the complex (in that little hallway that leads to the back balcony. He couldn’t see him clearly through his window but said the suspect was wearing black lace-up boots with jeans and was standing around for about 45 minutes between 10pm and the time of the theft. Based on the circumstance and my conversations with neighbors and friends I have reason to suspect that a resident of Lodestar lofts took the bike. I don’t want to make unnecessary accusations but I have strong reason to believe a guy who came down from Round Rock to stay in apartment 104 saw the bike, that I had gone inside, and took the opportunity to take the bike. $300 reward


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This Trek Superfly 100 AL Elite was reported stolen in Austin, TX 78705, USA on 12-17-2014.

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