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Stolen Tmobile My Touch 4G

This Tmobile My Touch 4G has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    354697040060134
Make :   Tmobile
Model :   My Touch 4G
Year :   2010
Color :   red/black (purple jelly phone
Additional Info :   went with my family to the new century buffet on international blvd here in Oakland,ca and i dropped my phone without noticing i asked nicely to the people that were seating behind us if they had seen a phone i dropped and a guy had answered was it purple? then i told him how do you know? he had answered that he had seen me texting in it but that was a total lie i was not texting during all that time i was there. but to me they seemed very suspicious and by the way he knew what color the cover of my phone was that gave me and my mom a clue that he had it.we had told the owners from the buffet that if they saw it to please give us a call but unfortunately they did not.after getting the mytouch as my only christmas present due to the fact that my parents went bankrupt it hurt me alot and stresses me out knowing that those people obviously stole my phone hoping to find it.people work so hard to buy things until people just come and steals it that is a total disgrace.


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