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Tip Center - Stolen Property

Report Stolen Property is a free, easy-to-use, comprehensive stolen property database. It takes only a couple minutes to report stolen property. Simply click REPORT STOLEN PROPERTY NOW to begin.

The step-by-step instructions below are designed to help you report stolen property with police. If you have additional information, which you feel would be useful to people, please contact us with your tip / help.


How to Report Stolen Property to Police?

(Step 1) Before you report stolen property online, you should file a stolen property police report.  Call the police department in that jurisdiction and inform them what has been stolen.   Do not call 911 or any other emergency police number for you  country of origin, unless it is truly an emergency situation for which if the police's immediate response is needed due to safety or other emergency concerns.  Depending on the circumstances surrounding your report of stolen property, the police may either come to your location or ask you to come into the police station to file a stolen property report.

(Step 2) When you report property stolen to the police, they will ask you a series of questions in order to help them fill-out all the necessary information to fill out the stolen property report most accurately.   Do not simply rely on the police to ask all the right questions which will give them the best chance of recovering your stolen property.   Answer their questions accurately and thoroughly in order to provide them with information and details which you think will lead to the recovery of the stolen property you're reporting and/or the arrest and prosecution of the perpetrators.

Prevent yourself from becoming a bigger victim due to property theft

After you report property stolen with the police, be certain to think like the thief.  The first step in this process is to protect your identity from being stolen, your credit cards from being used, or your personal or business information from being used in ways which can be harmful.  You know best what was in your car when it was stolen, or what files were on your stolen laptop, or any other piece of stolen property.  You are the best person to protect yourself from becoming victimized further and now is the time to take action.  Cancel cards when in doubt, the bank will issue you new ones.   Put a security freeze on your account with the big three credit reporting agencies namely Experian, Transunion, and Equifax.   Don't let the problem get worse.  Take action now.

Report stolen property to insurance company

Once you report property theft with the police and cancel or take measures to protect yourself from being victimized further, contact your insurance company if the stolen property was insured.   The insurance company will most likely ask you for the case number associated with your stolen property report, at this point.  Provide them with whatever information they may need.   Note who you spoke to and what was discussed.   If you can send the insurance company an email, do so to have a written record of your stolen property report.

Report property theft on

Now that you've reported property theft to your insurance company, report the same stolen item on our web site,   It is the most comprehensive stolen property database in the world.   Your report will give you the best chance of recovering your stolen property in perpetuity and bringing the criminal(s) to justice.

Enter remaining property information into our remote database

We are truly sorry for your loss.  It is the reason we created ' to give victims a chance to pursue justice online all over the world with a comprehensive database of stolen property reports.   If you've completed steps 1-5, you now undoubtedly realize the importance of manufacturer, brand, and serial number in the recovery of your stolen property.   Take the time now, to walk around your house or place of business and document all of this pertinent information for every piece of valuable equipment.   Once you've done so, enter it into's sister site,  You can also upload receipts, proof of purchase, photos and whatever other photos/jpegs and text you'd like.  This will allow you to have a remote, online record of all your property, viewable only by you and the administrators of our site.   Your address etc. is not entered into our account information, so you can rest assured that you alone will know you the property's whereabouts.   What it does allow you to do is create an online, secure, remote list of all your property.   This will be extremely useful in the case of natural disaster, an insurance claim, you need to report stolen property, for tax purposes, etc. 

You may wish to create an eBay account

You may wish to create an Ebay account, which will track criteria like brand, model, etc. for your stolen property.  Obviously, a car and some other pieces of stolen property will not be resold on Ebay but some lower ticket items may be.

Fees for filing a stolen property report

Similar to filing a theft report on, there is no fee associated with filing a police report for a given piece(s) of stolen property.