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Stolen PlayStation Vita

This PlayStation Vita has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    DC140723319
Make :   PlayStation
Model :   Vita
Year :   2014
Color :   black
Additional Info :   The vita was taken from a family member home. The vita was placed on a shelf out of sight prior to my leaving the premises. When I returned the next day it was no longer there. Several people have been in and out in the 24 hours since. There are identifying scratches on the device that only myself and my husband would know and we were together the whole time. I have all original purchase info in my name. I just want it back because of the sentimental photos and videos on it, plus it was a present to me from my husband. We are a fairly poor family and do not have much money. That is why I want it back so badly.


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This PlayStation Vita was reported stolen in Macon, GA 31217, USA on 06-07-2015.

If you recieve information about your Stolen PlayStation Vita, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen PlayStation Vita personally.

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