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Stolen Nintendo DSi

This Nintendo DSi has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    Serial # TW447422564
Make :   Nintendo
Model :   DSi
Year :   2010
Color :   Orange
Additional Info :   We were at Phoenix Fire Games this morning for Pokemon Battle Roads and I had her Nintendo DSi and Pokemon Soulsilver in my coat pocket. I left my coat because she was struggling with the bathroom door. When I got her in she said she was scared, because of the mural (skeletons) inside. I told her I wasn't going in with her, heh, and went back to my seat. When I got back to my coat it was gone. Reported it stolen to the Meridian police department along with the serial number, so our best hope for getting it back is that someone tries to sell it to a Pawn shop or Hastings... Those were Christmas gifts last year from Santa, (more accurately many Santas). Reporting it at other online tracking sites, glad I registered it with Club Nintendo as I was able to get the serial. Unfortunately her photos of her trip to Canada and other stuff is probably gone... so's the DSi, but I'm not giving up, for her sake. She's been in tears all day.

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