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Stolen Nintendo DS Lite

This Nintendo DS Lite has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    UTF10819344
Make :   Nintendo
Model :   DS Lite
Year :   2007
Color :   Ice Blue
Additional Info :   It was stolen out of my backback on my way back to Shenzhen from Hong Kong, probably in the subway. I kept it in a hello kitty ds lite denim case (picture below not the actual case, but one i found on ebay). Inside the console was an r4 card and its memory card. The case also contained my Pokemon White 2 game. All were brand new, only been used a few times. Only had it all about 3 months. I realize that no one is going to give a shit that my game was stolen and in China. That was my fault for not being careful in a dumb ass foreign country with less than honest individuals. I just want the peace of mind that I put this out there on the internet somewhere. I'm not trying to get it back cause Ive already bought everything a SECOND time (except the case cause that was the last one). The only justice I can think of is that if somehow someone randomly comes across that DS and figures out what bitch ass took it from me, they would swiftly kick them in the face and hopefully knock out a couple of their crooked crook teeth. Also, ask them why they can't steal from all these rich ass asians out here. Fuck trying to make a difference or making peace. This ass hole can rot in hell.


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