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Stolen Nintendo 3DS

This Nintendo 3DS has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    CW711389166
Make :   Nintendo
Model :   3DS
Year :   2012
Color :   Red
Additional Info :   It is a Red Nintendo 3DS gaming system. It was left in a black case with the game "New Super Mario Bros. 2" in the game slot and had two other games, "Kid Icarus: Uprising" and "Star Fox 64 3D" in the extra storage pouches of the case. System was left under the covers on top of the bed in America's Best Value hotel in Oceanside, CA in room #203 on Tuesday, December 11, 2012. I was late to a medical appointment and had to hurry. I grabbed everything I remembered before checking out that morning and took everything to my vehicle. The system was on the bed next to me when I fell asleep that previous Monday with the covers pulled over the system after I woke up which caused me to forget I left it since it wasn't in plain sight. After realizing I had left the system when I was over an hour gone from the area heading back home to Oxnard, CA, I called the hotel front desk to inquire if anyone had found it or if the maid fount it while cleaning the room. The clerk alleged she spoke to the maid who claimed to have never seen anything in the room while cleaning it. Manager stated that the door is intentionally left open once they inspect the room upon check-out when it is ready to be cleaned by the maid. Someone in that hotel is lying because the system was neither in my vehicle, nor in my personal bag where I know I would have placed it along with every of my other belongings. I know it is not lost and that the room was the last place I had the system. It is my son's Nintendo and I'm an active duty member of the U.S. Navy.

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