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Stolen Nichols WWII Battle Knife

This Nichols WWII Battle Knife has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    George Schieffelin
Make :   Nichols
Model :   WWII Battle Knife
Year :   1937
Color :   Copper/ Brass
Additional Info :   A fine example of one of the rarest and most desirable maker-marked war period fighters. Floyd Nichols, a blacksmith from David City NE, is famous among fighting knife collectors. This is an early knife and has the buffalo nickel inlaid into the pommel along with the correctly stamped "NICHOLS." The crossguard is stamped with the original owners name, "George Sheiffelin " The Alfred Cornish made original leather sheath is also stamped with the owners name. Fine original period used condition with full unaltered blade. The entire knife and sheath display a wonderful age patina. 33.4cm. overall in sheath with 18.8cm. blade


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This Nichols WWII Battle Knife was reported stolen in Morris, AL 35116, USA on 10-22-2015.

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