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Stolen N/A N/A

This N/A N/A has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    N/A
Make :   N/A
Model :   N/A
Year :   N/A
Color :   N/A
Additional Info :   On December 20,2016 around 7pm my black wallet was tooken from my car. Its a black wallet with a black bow that has gold triming around gold zippers.It also has a handle to car on your arm. The wallet consisted of my picture ID,SS Card,3 debt cards. Wood Forest National Bank Mastercard, Rapid Pay Visa Card,Western Union Mastercard. This incident has put me in a bin because my rent money was on my debt card. I locked my doors with my key switch. At least I heard the switch click. Now Im having to reorder cards and no Christmas for my children because someone decided to go and take something that wasnt there and breaking and entering in a car. Thank you

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This N/A N/A was reported stolen in Dallas, TX 75227, USA on 12-23-2016.

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