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This MACBOOKPRO A1278 has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    WQ0160XVATN
Model :   A1278
Year :   2009
Color :   SILVER
Additional Info :   The Macbookpro Was last seen in my Bag, which was also stolen. Seattle The Macbook is registered under my name " Amanda Amburegy" It was purchased at best buy in june 2010 and has Various Video editing software as well as other programs : final cut pro. final cut express, final cut prox, Adobe cs5 package, 100+ hours of video projects, 1000+ family photos (asian family), 100+ Photography projects, Protools, Toast, Microsoft office for mac, Bean. Folders that were on the desktop were labeled " Ron Williams, school projects,misc pictures, scripts/ideas, Photoshop projects, Video projects. There was also a scratch gaurd sticker on the top of the mbp that had a drawing of a geisha that looks like it was drawn with crayon. If my MBP is locted I will gladly Offer a reward! This is a very important to me and I need it for my job. Unfortunately I do not have a reciept of the transaction however Best buy should have some record of it, and the Apple Store has record of 3 repairs done on it at the genius bar also under my name.

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