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Tip Center - Report Stolen Kindle

Tips to Report a Stolen Kindle and Kindle Theft Prevention allows a victim of a stolen Kindle to report the theft worldwide. The service is free for both victims of Kindle theft and those searching to determine if a Kindle has been reported stolen. In other words the website is a global stolen property database, which allows police, pawnshops and others to enter a Kindle serial number in order to determine if it has been reported stolen. The contact information you enter, which can simply be your email, will allow the person or law enforcement agency who finds your stolen Kindle to contact you and return your stolen Kindle.

If you wish to report a Kindle theft on our database, simply click the blue button below to begin.

Before you report the stolen Kindle on, it's best to read the tips below. These tips include step-by-step instructions on how to report your stolen Kindle to police and your insurance provider. These tips, which also include theft prevention, are collected from a variety of sources including users like you. If you have a tip to help others, please contact us. Our mission is to continue to be the most comprehensive stolen property database in the world and maximize the chance for return of your stolen Kindle.


File a police report for a stolen Kindle


The process to report a stolen Kindle to police or law enforcement vary according to the area in which the theft occurred. The process below is consistent with most Western law enforcement agencies.

(Step 1) Contact the police / law enforcement agency who has jurisdiction over the area in which the Kindle theft occurred. Unless, your safety is threatened, use the non-emergency number in order to contact police. If the area is not under their jurisdiction, ask them to direct you to the appropriate law enforcement agency.

(Step 2) The police / law enforcement will either tell you to come into the police station or they may send police to your location depending on the nature of the crime. Either way, you will be asked questions concerning the stolen Kindle. The answers will allow the police to fill-out a police report.

(Step 3) After you fill out a police report, the police will issue a case number for your stolen Kindle. You will need this case number in order to follow-up with police. You will also need this case number in order to file an insurance claim for a stolen Kindle.

Report stolen Kindle to your insurance company


Read your insurance policy carefully. Does it cover you for theft given the circumstances surrounding your stolen Kindle?

If you feel you are covered and you have already been issued a case number by police, then it is time to contact your insurance provider. Your insurance agent will ask you a variety of questions, including "what is the serial number of the stolen Kindle?" and "What is the case number which was issued to you by police for your stolen Kindle?".

As of this writing, Amazon dues not cover Kindle theft or the loss of an a Kindle. They also do not track stolen Kindles. In the event, we become aware of changes to Amazon policy, in the future, we will update this site.

Report Kindle theft on


After you have filed a police report and contacted your insurance company regarding your stolen Kindle, it is time to report the stolen Kindle on The process is easy and free to use. All you really need is the serial number of the stolen Kindle. This serial number is an identifying property, which distinguishes your Kindle from all others and will allow police to find you and return a stolen Kindle.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to report a stolen Kindle on

  • Click "Register" at the top righthand side of any page on this site.
  • Type information into each text field and click the "Register" button.
  • Check your email. A verification email should appear in your inbox. The email will be from and contain a link, which will allow your account to be activated.
  • You have completed the registration process. Now, or at any time in the future, simply click Log in on the top right on any page on the site.
  • Click "New Listing".
  • Click the "Electronics" link.
  • Click the "Kindle" link.
  • Enter information =, including the serial number of the stolen Kindle, into the text fields. Your contact information will only be seen by someone entering the exact serial number of your stolen Kindle.
  • Click "Submit."

The process takes a couple minutes of your time and, by doing so, you create an entry for your stolen Kindle which law enforcement agencies, pawn shops and others around the world can find long into the future. Again, is the most comprehensive stolen property database in the world and is free to use for both victims and searchers of stolen property.