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Tip Center - Stolen iPod

Report Stolen iPod Tips and iPod Theft Prevention is an easy-to-use, free-of-charge global stolen property database. It allows people around the world to report a stolen iPod or another stolen item. If you wish to report iPod theft simply click the button below to begin the process.

The step-by-step instructions below detail how to report a stolen iPod to the police and/or insurance companies. There are also tips to avoid having your iPod stolen in the future. These stolen ipod and ipod theft prevention tips have been gathered from numerous resources and compiled here for your convenience. If you have a tip and would like to contribute about ipod theft prevention and / or the recovery of stolen ipods, please contact us with your tip.


How to report a stolen iPod to the police


The process to file a police report for a stolen iPod depends on your country, the state or province. The following procedure to file a police report to report stolen iPod is the most standard method with Western law.

(Step 1) How do I file a police report for a stolen iPod? If you need to create a police report to report stolen iPod, call the non-emergency police in the area where your iPod was stolen.

(Step 2) Travel to that police station. Once there, the police will give you paperwork report a stolen iPod. They may ask questions regarding the stolen iPod as well. Provide as much details about the stolen iPod as possible. Do not rely on police to ask all the right questions. Try to think about any details regarding the iPod theft which would help police recover the stolen iPod.

(Step 3) After you have filled-out all the paperwork to report stolen iPod, you will be issued a stolen iPod case number. Make certain you store this stolen iPod case number in a safe location as you may need this police report case number in order to follow-up on your case and recover your stolen iPod if found.

Report stolen iPod to insurance provider


After you file a police report for iPod theft, contact your insurance provider to inform them of the iPod theft. The insurance provider will usually require a police report case number for the stolen iPod in order to process the claim.

The vast majority of warranties iPods do not cover loss or iPod theft. If you are reading this and are not a victim of iPod theft, then you may want to contact an insurance company and determine the cost of insurance for iPod theft. Then you can consider if the cost of iPod theft insurance is worth your piece of mind.

Report iPod theft on


Now that you've taken the necessary steps to report iPod theft with the police and with your insurance company, you should report your iPod stolen on It's easy, free and it will give you an opportunity to catch the iPod thief long into the future and increase your chance to recover your stolen iPod. Simply REGISTER and create a NEW LISTING for the stolen iPod.

Here are the steps to report stolen iPod on

  • Click "Register" at the top right of the web site.
  • After filling in all the fields, click the "Register" button.
  • Navigate to your email, find the verification email sent from and click the activation link or copy and paste it into the browser address bar.
  • Log in to the web site by clicking the "Log In" on the top left.
  • Click the "New Listing" navigation button to begin reporting the stolen iPod.
  • Click the "Electronics" link.
  • Click the "MP3 Player / iPod" link.
  • Enter as much information as possible about the stolen iPod.
  • Click "Submit."

That's how easy it is to report stolen iPod on There will now be a permanent record of the iPod theft online.

Can I report any type of iPod stolen on


There have been many variations of iPods, since their inception in 2001. Unfortunately, iPods since the beginning have been a target for thieves.

You can report the theft any type of iPod (iPod Touch, Nano / Mini, Classic, Shuffle, etc) on It is free to report a stolen iPod and free to search our stolen iPod database as well.

Report stolen iPod to pawn shops


Although many pawn shops use in order to determine if an iPod has been reported stolen on the stolen property database, you may wish to contact pawnshops in the area to let them know that the iPod has been reported stolen to police.

If a pawn shop found in possession of stolen property, they must forfeit it to the police with no financial compensation. This is why they extensively train employees to investigating items of interest before purchase.

Can I report iPod theft to Apple?


Can you report a stolen iPod to Apple? Unfortunately, as of this writing, "Apple does not have a formal flagging process for reporting stolen property. If you have lost Apple iPod or found an Apple iPod, please contact your local law enforcement agency to report it."

A patent was filed by Apple in 2007, which caused some to believe that Apple was going to deter iPod theft. The patent was titled "Protecting electronic devices from extended unauthorized use". It describes a process which would allow only authenticated charging devices to charge a particular device. So if your iPod were lost or stolen, the new user would not be able to charge iPod effectively rendering it useless.

There will undoubtedly be more developments in the future as iPod theft is a big concern for Apple. If becomes aware of Apple changing it's position on iPod theft, this tip / article will be modified immediately.

Can a stolen iPod be identified when it links?


Currently it appears there is no way to identify a stolen iPod when it connects to iTunes. The IP address is the only identifier. The serial number of the stolen iPod is most likely not sent to the iTunes server, although some sites claim that the serial number is indeed sent. If the serial number of the stolen iPod is sent, along with the billing information of the thief, then perhaps Apple will be able to easily work with with police to prevent iPod theft in the future.

There are some devices / software which reveals the IP address from which a stolen ipod is connecting. This software must be installed prior to the iPod theft, of course. Some software such a iHound for the iPod Touch can be configured with a "dummy" screen so that the thief has no idea the iPod is even connecting and sending the IP address. iHound can also send an alarm to your stolen iPod if you so choose, which can only be stopped by prying the battery from the iPod. Some applications can also turn on the microphone of the stolen iPod, allowing you to hear what is going on around the thief.

Devices which hide an iPod and reduce theft rates


If you are not already a victim of iPod theft and are reading this, you may wish to consider purchasing an iPod cover for your iPod when it is not in use. There are covers which disguise your iPod as other things such as an Altoids candy tin. This can prevent a thief from knowing what is inside and avoid iPod theft. Victims of iPod theft are usually targeted, because the thief could easily determine they had an iPod.

Do not wear iPod's white headphones


If you have not already had your iPod stolen and you are reading this, then take precautions which will prevent you from becoming a victim of iPod theft.

It sounds simple enough, but in order to become victimized by iPod theft you first have to be identified by the thief. If a thief sees someone who has clipped the iPod to their belt - it's obvious that person has an iPod. However, if the iPod is out of public sight and the user is not wearing the identifiable white iPod headphones, then maybe the user simply has a MP3 player or a cell phone, which if stolen could simply be turned off by the cell phone provider.

Hide your iPod if left in car


It may seem like common sense, but people often use their iPod in their car and forget to take it with them or hide the iPod when used. This can lead to broken windows, picked locks and even a stolen car. To report a stolen car click on this link.

A biometric device to prevent iPod theft


In August of 2009, scientists in Australia found that the inner ear of each individual is different. They were able to successfully use acoustics to identify a certain individual. Their findings may lead to circuitry in earpieces for iPod users, which will prevent iPod theft. Implications of these findings will also prevent cell phone theft. will monitor these developments carefully and update this article for our readers.

A way to find stolen iPod's serial number


There is a way to find the serial number of your stolen iPod, if you do not have it written down somewhere.

The serial number can be found in ~/Library/Preferences/ The command to retrieve the serial number for your stolen iPod is "defaults read | grep Serials".

How to track a stolen iPod with an IP address


A program can be installed on your iPod, which can track an IP address in the event your iPod is stolen. This software, of course, has to be installed on the iPod prior to its theft. The software program will run in the background when the thief plugs your iPod into a computer with an internet connection. The program records the IP address and sends it. You can then track down the IP address and contact police. Don't forget to mention the case number, which the police issued to you when you filed a police report.

The program is called iPod Tracker and can be found quickly with a simple search.

Dateline NBC expose on stolen iPods


In 2007, Dateline on NBC investigated the iPod theft epidemic. They placed iPods on benches and in other public places throughout the city. It shouldn't be a shock to learn that the iPods were stolen. Dateline, however, had installed software, which allowed the stolen iPods to be tracked electronically. Dateline argued that Apple could just as easily, and more effectively, do the same thing in order to electronically eliminate iPod theft.

This expose and the rise of other software, which track iPods after theft, have undoubtedly caused experienced thieves to erase an reformat the entire drive before selling it. This leaves only the serial number of a stolen iPod as the principle identifier.

To avoid iPod theft clip it to something


Remember, most thieves are looking for an easy target, so each thing you do to prevent your iPod being stolen increases the chances of the criminal moving on.

In keeping with this philosophy, clip your iPod to the inside of your pocket or a bag. It will be out-of-sight at that point, and if you also use headphones other than the iPod's custom white headphones, then a thief will have no way of even knowing what kind of MP3 player you even have in you pocket.

Our modern day lifestyle make us targets for theft


It's easy to understand why the numbers of stolen iPod reports and cell phone thefts is on the rise. Quite simply, the economy is poor in countries around the world and people walking around today have expensive cell phones and iPods. Twenty years ago a mugger would have simply demanded a wallet. Today, they can demand a cell phone, an iPod and your wallet.

In short, remember you are dollar sign to thieves when you are in public. It is important to take as many precautionary steps as possible to avoid being victim of an iPod mugging, having to file a police report for a stolen iPod and reporting the crime on stolen property databases like

Search stolen iPod lists, databases and registries online


There are a few stolen iPod databases, lists and registries online. There are also services, which are able to search sites like Ebay and Craigslist for your stolen iPod's serial number, but what thief would be foolish enough to enter the serial number of a stolen iPod?

The advantage of entering your stolen iPod information into our particular stolen iPod list is that this iPod database can be searched by free and by anyone around the world simply by entering the serial number of the questionable iPod. It is also heavily marketed. Users can conduct this search for stolen iPods from any page of

Once you REGISTER and create a NEW LISTING for your stolen iPod, test the SEARCH functionality by entering the stolen iPod's serial number in the field box at the top of every page on this site. The search of our stolen property database will return your stolen iPod in moments, and you will see exactly what the searcher would see. I you'd like to modify the information, you can do so in the MY ACCOUNT tab.

How many annual iPod thefts are reported?


According to Forbes, from 2005-2007 thefts of iPods and other MP3s rose from 8,900 to more than 17,000.

Some studies show that iPod theft alone actually was responsible for an overall increase in robbery when compared to previous years. As one example, The Urban Institute actually showed an 18.3% increase in felonies committed in New York subways in 2005, but if the study omitted iPod theft then the felony crime rate actually decreased by 3% per year.

The Urban Institute reports show that violent crime fell every year from 1993 to 2003 before rising in 2004 and 2005. Many experts believe iPod thefts are responsible for the increase.

Unfortunately, stealing an iPod is an attractive prospect for thieves not only due to the value of the hardware, but due to the value of the data installed and downloaded to the iPod. Some devices and/or software applications allows a user to delete all information on a hard drive or iPod in the event of theft. Another attractive factor for a would-be iPod thief is that an iPod can continue to be used after being stolen in most cases, unlike a cell phone.