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Stolen iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation) A1421

This iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation) A1421 has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    CCQMQ4JQFMJF
Make :   iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation)
Model :   A1421
Year :   2014
Color :   Black front and Gray back
Additional Info :   The last time I saw it I was in Saint-Laurent in Montreal Quebec near the postal code H3M2C2 on Oct. 24, 2014 around 3:00pm. I purchased it on June 21, 2014 from Futureshop and did an exchange 2 weeks later, and on the exchange bill it states the serial number of the iPod I got in exchange which is the one with the serial number that I am reporting. I also have the empty box it came in with the serial number on it. The bill is under my mothers name Helen Wasylyk because she put it on her futershop card. I still have yet to pay most of the money back to her card. I will provide the receipt when my iPod is found and I am contacted. The iPod Touch is Black on the front and has a Gray back. There was a black silicone protector covering the back of the ipod and a thin film Zagg screen protector. The black silicone protector was a Fosmon Jel Series, and the name Fosmon or logo may or may not be on the inside of the black silicone protector if you remove it from around the iPod Touch, but there is definitely no name visible on the outside of the black silicone fosmon case. The black silicone case also has a cut out for the wrist strap, the camera and the black bar on the back for the wifi signal. My information in the iPod if it is still there such as videos and my password lock is worth $100 to me or the cost of your losses if you purchased the iPod from someone or somewhere. I think that is fair. If my data is erased I would certainly give some sort of reward that we could discuss that you would be happy with. I do not have the money to buy another one. I could not even afford that one, but I needed it for my work. Thank you.

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This iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation) A1421 was reported stolen in Montreal, QC H3M 2C2, Canada on 10-24-2014.

If you recieve information about your Stolen iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation) A1421, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen iPod Touch 32Gb Gray (5th Generation) A1421 personally.

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