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Tip Center - Stolen iPad

Report Stolen iPad Tips and iPad Theft Prevention allows a victim anywhere in the world to report a stolen iPad or any other stolen item. Our stolen property database is able to be searched for free, as well, by police and others who wish to determine if an iPad has been reported stolen. The contact information you enter will allow police and / or others to get in touch with you in order to return your stolen iPad.

If you wish to report iPad theft, you may begin by simply clicking the blue button below.

Before you report the theft of your iPad, you may wish to reveiw the step-by-step instructions below. These instuctions include how to report a stolen iPad to the police and/or insurance companies, and how to avoid having your iPad stolen in the future. These tips have been gathered from numerous sources, including victims of theft. If you have a tip or suggestions, please contact us. Our objective is to create a database for stolen iPads and other stolen items, which maximizes the chance to recover stolen property.


How to report a stolen iPad to the police


The procedure to file a police report for a stolen iPad varies according to the laws of country, state, province, city or town in which your iPad was stolen.

(Step 1) How do I file a police report for a stolen iPad? Call the non-emergency number of the police deparment with jurisdiction over the area in which the iPad theft occurred. They will direct you to another law enforcement agency, if neccessary.

(Step 2) The police may either come to the location where your iPad was stolen or, more likely, have you come into the police station to file a police report for your stolen iPad. The police will ask you questions about the theft, in order to file a police report for your iPad. Clear your mind and give the police details, including the stolen iPad serial number, which may help them them apprehend the criminal and recover your stolen iPad.

(Step 3) After you file a police report for the stolen iPad, you will be given a case number by the police. This case number can be used to report the iPad theft to your insurance company and to follow-up with police in the future.

Report stolen iPad to insurance company


Read your policy carefully to determine if your insurance company will cover iPad theft given the cirmstances.

Provided you have filed a police report for a stolen iPad, conact your insurance company. Like the police, your insurance company wlll ask you various questions including the stolen iPod serial # and the police report case number.

Most manufacturer and retailer warranties due not cover iPad theft or the loss of an iPod.

Report iPad theft on


Once you have filed a police report for your stolen iPad and reported the theft to your insurance company, it's best to report your iPad stolen on The site is free to use for victims of stolen iPads or other stolen property, and by simply registering your stoleniPad, you can increase the chance of recovering your stolen iPad long into the future.

These are the steps to report a stolen iPad on

  • Click "Register" at the top right of this page.
  • Fill in all the text fields and click the "Register" button.
  • Check your email application. Find the verification email from and click the activation link or copy and paste the link into the browser address bar.
  • Log in to the by clicking the "Log In" on the top left of any page.
  • Click "New Listing" and begin to report a stolen iPad.
  • Click the "Electronics" link.
  • Click the "iPad" link.
  • Enter as much information as possible about the stolen iPad.
  • Click "Submit."

It is that easy to report a stolen iPad on You now have an entry for your stolen iPad, which can be found for free by searchers worldwide. These searchers include police, law enforcement agencies, pawn shops and individuals. The service is free to use for searchers, who wish to determine if an iPad has been stolen, as well as victims.

Report stolen iPad to pawn shops


Many pawn shops use's free, online stolen property database in order to determine if an iPad has been reported stolen on the site. However, you might want to contact pawnshops directly in the area of the theft immediately after the crime has taken place.

If a pawn shop has a stolen iPad, they must forfeit it to the police with zero financial compensation. This is why pawnshops are in the habit of checking and even contacting police in order to determine if property has been reported stolen.

Can I report iPad theft to Apple?


As of this writing, Apple does not have a process for flagging and reporting stolen property.

There will, most likely, be updates to this process since iPad theft is a concern for Apple. Once becomes aware of a revision in Apple policy regarding theft, this tip will be revised as well.