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Stolen Hyundai Sonata linited

This Hyundai Sonata linited has been reported stolen.
VIN Number :    5NPEU46F27H194931
Make :   Hyundai
Model :   Sonata linited
Year :   2007
License Plate :   5AP9706 (AL)
Exterior Color :   Navy blue
Interior Color :   Grey
Transmission :   Automatic
Doors :   4
Engine Cylinders :   6
Additional Info :   There is body damage to passenger side rear door and passenger side quarter panel and wheel well. There are some sxuffs to frlnt passenger bumper cover and fog light on passenger side not working. The person who stole the behicle stayed with me and his name is Eric Mathew Johnson aka Matt Johnson. Fled AL to Columbia, SC. His pic in photos


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This Hyundai Sonata linited was reported stolen in Elberta, AL 36530, USA on 07-10-2017.

If you recieve information about your Stolen Hyundai Sonata linited, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen Hyundai Sonata linited personally.

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