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Stolen Honda Accord

This Honda Accord has been reported stolen.
VIN Number :    1hgcd7167sa035484
Make :   Honda
Model :   Accord
Year :   1995
License Plate :   N/a
Exterior Color :   Black
Interior Color :   Grey
Transmission :   Manual
Doors :   2
Engine Cylinders :   4
Additional Info :   Its a 2 door honda that has been sanded down to the primer. On the passeger side door you can see spots of bondo kind of a creme color. Also   The key whole on the passenger side has been damaged and jammed in from a prior break in. The driiver side near gas tank the side strip has been pulled off. In the front has after market black halo lights but  the actual halo in the case has not been hooked up. Driver side corner always comes on as if it was a daylight  but the passenger doesnt unless its turned on. Tails light were chrome euro  but there also was all black one in the trunk too.  The left trunk hindge is broken off.  On the rims there was on only the rear right tire that had the honda emblem. Driver fronter fender had been bent from a car backing up into it. The car also has a after market muffler on it. The car does have a moon roof to it.  Passenger floor leading to back could show water marks in the carpet from a leak. Engine is a vtec. Last i heard that the car was being moved into new york city near brooklyn. The dash board  does look ashy  where can see cracks through it along with the door panel. The back seat floor may still have the holders screwed in from where the dark light used to hang. The back ash tray is white piece because its from another car. The cieling has mark on the top that would like scratches or if someone ran a lighter on it. 

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