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Tip Center - Stolen Droid / Stolen Android

Report Stolen Droid Tips and Android Theft Prevention is free, global stolen property database. Our site allows victims to report Android theft / Droid theft or any other stolen piece of property. If you wish to report a stolen Droid, simply click the REPORT STOLEN DROID NOW button below in order to begin the process.

The step by step instructions below demonstrate how to report a stolen Droid to the police, Motorola, our insurance company and on If you happen to be reading this, and not be a stolen Droid victim, you may wish to read tips below and take preventative measures. The stolen Droid tips have been assembled for a variety of sources, including from users of our site. If you have a tip please contact us.


How to report a stolen Droid to the police


Your country of origin, state or province will determine how you should report a stolen Droid to law enforcement. The procedure to file a police report listed below is most commonly found in countries like the United States and Europe.

(Step 1) How do I file a police report for a stolen Droid / stolen Android? Call the non-emergency number for the police department who has jurisdiction over the are in which you Droid was stolen.

(Step 2) The police may either arrive at the location of the Droid theft or, most likely, ask you to meet them at the police station. A police report for your stolen Droid will be filled out during your meeting with police. Police will ask you several questions. Be direct in your responses, but also provide details which may be outside the scope of police questions yet allow investigators to recover your stolen Android and bring the thief to justice.

(Step 3) The police will issue you a case number for your stolen Droid. Keep this case number safe since your insurance company, if applicable, will need it to file an insurance claim.

Report stolen droid to insurance company


After filing a police report for a stolen Android cell phone, you should call your insurance company and inform them of the loss of your Android phone. Your insurance company will need the case number. Most Droid warranties will not cover loss or theft, but your homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance may cover the theft of your Droid phone.

Report Droid theft on


Once you've reported the Droid theft to police / law enforcement and your insurance company you should report the stolen Android call phone on The stolen property website is free to use for both victims of stolen Droids and users looking to discover if a Droid has been reported stolen.

You can report a stolen Droid simply by clicking REGISTER and then create a NEW LISTING.

Droid can be a GPS in a stolen car


If you report a stolen car to police and your Droid, iPhone or Blackberry happened to be inside be certain to inform police. Your stolen droid can act as a GPS and help locate a stolen car.

Report stolen Android phone to pawn shops


Many pawn shops use to determine if a Droid cell phone has been reported stolen before purchasing one. However, you may wish to call pawnshops near the area of the crime to inform them of the theft.

A pawn shop realizes that if they are found to be in possession of a stolen Droid then they must forfeit the phone