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Tip Center - Stolen Computer

Report Stolen Computer is a free, worldwide stolen computer registry offering an easy way to report a stolen computer, report laptop theft or to report other stolen property. If you wish to report a stolen desktop computer or stolen laptop computer, simply click on the REPORT STOLEN COMPUTER NOW below to begin.

The tips below are designed to protect you and increase the chance of recovery of your stolen computer. has collected these tips from varying sources. If you have an additional tip, please contact us.


Step by Step - Report Stolen Computer

(Step 1) The fist thing you should do is report the stolen computer car to the police in the exact jurisdiction / location where the computer was stolen.

(Step 2) The police will help you fill out the police report for your stolen computer. They will ask you questions which help them fill-out the necessary paperwork to complete the stolen computer report. The police are dealing with criminals and theft on a daily basis, so it is up to you to provide them with all the details for their report details which you feel will help catch the criminals and lead to the recovery of your stolen computer.

(Step 3) You will be given a case number associated with the stolen computer report. Keep this number stored in a location where you can easily recover and or access it. This case number will help police give you updates on your stolen computer, if and when you call.

(Step 4) If you the computer is stolen from your home, and you have renter's insurance, contact your insurance company after you've filed a stolen computer report with the local police department. The insurance company will probably need the case number given to you by police. In many cases, the insurance company will not pay you unless you have filed a police report for your stolen computer.

Software to track a stolen computer

Third party software can be installed on a laptop or desktop computer prior to its theft. If stolen the computer, the software can then be used to track the computer via the phone system and using IP addresses. Thieves know that the true value of a stolen computer is not its hardware, but the software which is installed on the laptop or desktop computer. In other words, they are unlikely to de-install the software and that includes tracking software which may be hidden in your applications folder or elsewhere on the computer.

Password protect your computer. It may help recover a stolen computer.

It is always good to password protect your computer, if it is stolen a thief will probably have to consult a third party in order to attempt to remove that protection. This draws suspicion and may lead to an investigation by the third party in order to determine if the computer is stolen. Other documents can be strategically placed in your computer's file, which will leave little doubt for the person removing the password the computer is stolen.

Consider the documents on a stolen computer

Consider which documents were on your stolen computer. Change your online passwords. Cancel your credit cards if there was credit card information on your stolen computer. Realize that the person, who stole your computer, can look at your browsing history and numerous other documents, which will let him know who you are, your habits, your likes, your dislikes, etc..

Write down all information and back-up computer files

If you are fortunate enough to be reading this and have not had your computer stolen, now is the time to write down all the information (serial number, IP address, etc.) and to back-up your files. Not only will backing-up files prevent lost information in the event your computer is stolen, it will help you know the ex act files that the thief has access to on the stolen computer.

Report computer theft to pawn shops

Computer theft, especially laptop theft, is a crime of opportunity. Remember that computer thief is not simply valuing the computer hardware but the software you have installed as well.

In short a stolen laptop or computer may leave the thief in position where they are trying to cash out before you report the computer theft so everyone under the sun. So after you file police report, contact the pawnshops in the area and given them the information for the stolen desktop computer or laptop.

If stolen property is found to be in the possession of a pawnshop, they automatically have to forfeit the stolen property to police. If they know the computer is stolen before the computer thief attempts to sell it to them, then they will contact police.

Carry your laptop in a nondescript bag

You are a target to laptop thief if you carry around a bag, which announces to the world, "I have a laptop inside".

When you purchase a laptop bag/carrying case make certain:

1) It is solidly put together so that the strap will not separate from the bag, sending your laptop crashing to the ground.

2) The laptop bag does not look like laptop bag - perhaps it looks more like a briefcase, causing a would-be computer thief to believe there are only papers and files inside.

Automatic user and password login on your computer

It is important to understand that if you are the victim of computer theft, that a thief may be able to automatically login to bank accounts, email accounts, etc. if you enabled this option when you registered for your bank account, selected your email account settings, etc.

The easiest way to prevent a computer thief from seeing any of your files and being able to log into your accounts online or email is to password protect your entire computer. After a certain amount of inactivity or by closing the computer, the computer will go into sleep mode and prompt a user for a password if woken. In other words, someone using the stolen computer will have to know your password to access the files, email, etc. Keep in mind, this password-protection can be defeated by someone very familiar with computers, so it is best to not enable automatic login.

Do not allow unaccompanied visitors

If you invite someone into your home to fix a pipe, a lock, etc. do not allow them to work unsupervised.

If someone comes to your work, have the person they are meeting come to greet them and accompany them to the room in which they are meeting and/or escort them through the building. Do not send the stranger unaccompanied through your building to meet someone. Modern offices are usually equipped with Wi-Fi and executives enjoy working on laptops throughout the building. They may leave one of these laptops on a desk or on a couch in a room, and the next thing you know you are filing a police report for a stolen laptop. Of course, you could have avoided this if you simply accompanied your visitor. Clever thieves will even ask a receptionist to use the bathroom and "case" the office for opportunities to steal. As inconvenient as it may, you can avoid laptop thief and other property theft by having the receptionist page someone to escort that individual to the bathroom.

Which stolen computer database / stolen computer registry should I choose?

There are only a small number of stolen computer databases online. Some may be improperly programmed performing as a text instead of a searchable stolen computer database.

The advantages of listing a stolen laptop or desktop computer into our stolen computer database is that is very easy to do, our site is extremely well programmed and our stolen property database is free to search by anyone in the world simply by entering a serial number in the field box found out the top of every page on this site. is also the most comprehensive, stolen property registry / database in the world.

Once you REGISTER and report a stolen laptop or desktop computer theft, you may wish to enter the stolen computer's serial number into the SEARCH field and you will see your stolen pc listing as it will appear to users who match the serial number. If you wish to add, delete or modify information you can do so in MY ACCOUNT.