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Stolen Canon EOS 7D Body

This Canon EOS 7D Body has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    210670504411
Make :   Canon
Model :   EOS 7D Body
Year :   2009
Color :   Black
Additional Info :   This item was stolen on Saturday September 25th 2010 during Nocturnal at the NOS Events Center in San Bernardino, CA. I was working the event and left my bag in a tech booth whilst making a food run. Someone snuck into the booth, and upon being kicked out took the bag with them, when I returned it was gone. It contained the camera, two lenses, all accompanying accessories (cards, batteries, flash), and my US Passport. The bag showed up about two hours later at Lost&Found, empty besides my passport. There was about $4,000 total worth of gear in that bag. There are two identifying things about the camera body: 1. The top scroll wheel which allows you to select between shooting modes has a very noticeable scratch on it. 2. The neck strap is not from canon. It is aftermarket, all black with Tamron written on it in small letters. 3. There is an aftermarket battery grip attached to the camera, and if it is removed there will be no battery door. A police report was filed with the San Bernardino police dept. I don't really have that much hope of it being recovered, but I figured I might as well do what I can to get the info out there. Thank You. I have no pictures of it, every photograph I took was with that camera >.< I do have all the original receipts.

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This Canon EOS 7D Body was reported stolen in Culver City, CA 90232, USA on 09-29-2010.

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