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Tip Center - Stolen Camera

Report Stolen Camera is a free, easy-to-use international stolen property registry, allowing users an easy way to report a stolen camera or other stolen equipment. Click REPORT STOLEN CAMERA NOW in order to begin the process to report a video camera or still camera stolen.

The tips below are offered for free in an attempt to help you recover your stolen camera or prevent you from being a stolen camera victim. We've collected these tips from a variety resources. If you have other tips please contact us.


Step by Step - Report Stolen Camera

(Step 1) If you already the victim of camera theft and you wish to take all steps to recover your stolen camera you should start by with a stolen camera report filed at the police station who has jurisdiction over the location of the crime. When you file a police report, the police will give you a file number associated with your stolen camera. Keep this number in an easy to access place since you will need to refer to it in order to get any updates from police on your stolen camera. If you somehow get information later, which may lead to the recovery of your stolen camera do not attempt to recover the stolen camera by yourself. Call the police and provide them with the information.

(Step 2) If you have camera insurance of any type, report it immediately to your insurance company. Most insurance companies will require information from the stolen camera report, which you file with police. Most homeowners insurance and some rental insurance polices will cover the stolen camera regardless of whether it was in the house at the time.

(Step 3) Report stolen camera on It is the most comprehensive stolen property database in the world. It's free and it will all you a chance to recover your stolen camera long into the future. Your stolen camera can be found be potential buyers of your stolen camera (pawn shops, consumers, discount stores, etc.). Those potential buyers can enter the serial number into our database, determine that you are the owner, and contact you via email.

(Step 4) If you are contacted by someone who knows the whereabouts of your stolen camera, it is best not to deal with that person directly. A direct match of the serial number is the only way a searcher will be providing with your email. However, as stated above, it is best to let the police, both where you reported the crime and in the new location of the stolen camera, handle the recovery of your stolen camera.

(Step 5) Take the time to enter all important information from your other valuable property (brand name, model name, serial number / VIN number / identifying number, and photos) into our database. To do so, simply create a NEW LISTING and uncheck the box marked "report on". This will save all the information in your account as you will see. However, as long as that "report on" box remains unchecked, the property will not be seen by a searcher who enters the exact serial number - i.e. the property will not appear in our stolen property database.

(Step 6) Contact the manufacturer of your stolen camera. Several have a stolen camera list. Several have repair centers, where the technicians regularly check the serial number to determine the rightful owner of a camera, before working on the camera. A thief may have stolen your camera, but it's highly unlikely that a camera thief, or the person they sell it to, has the ability to repair your stolen camera. So do an online search, find the contact information, and report a stolen camera directly to the camera manufacturer.

(Step 7) If ancillary equipment (batteries, tripod, charger, etc.) was also stolen at the same time your film or video camera was stolen, then repeat step 6 for all manufacturers of the stolen ancillary gear for that camera.

(Step 8) Contact pawn shops in your area and report the camera theft to them. Pawn shops will no deal with stolen property for ethical reasons and since stolen property can simply be seized by police without compensation, of any kind, to the pawn shop.

Consider the pictures and / or video on your stolen camera

It is a horrible feeling to be the victim of still camera or video camera theft, but it's important to immediately report the stolen camera and prevent being a bigger victim. It's important to think about what pictures or video was on the camera at the time your camera was stolen? Can those pictures or video lead to you being a victim again?

Engrave your camera

If you are not concerned about the resale value of your camera, then engrave your name and number in an inconspicuous place on the the camera. In the event it is stolen, the thief may be a fool and not check every inch of the stolen camera. Even if they do find your engraving they'll have to deal with it in some fashion (covering it or obliterating it) before attempting to sell a stolen camera. Regardless, of how the thief deals with this problem it could arouse suspicion in a potential buyer.

Tips to prevent camera theft

If you are not the victim of camera theft, then here are some things to do in order to prevent being the victim of a stolen camera in the future.

Camera theft is usually a crime of opportunity, so the best way prevent a stolen camera is to use common sense: Stay around lots of people and constantly aware of your camera. Keep it around your neck or hidden from view. Carry it in a cheap satchel or backpack. A camera thief will attempt to steal your camera without being noticed, in most cases, since the moment you notice the camera is stolen you will either give chase or call for help. If you are around people, you will most likely not be the victim. If you are not around people, be aware of who is around you. Cases show that an armed robber will be increasingly likely to turn away and find another victim, the further away you become aware of the thief and confront the visually.

Look into the cost of camera insurance. A camera may not be worth fighting for, or risking your life. if you have camera insurance, from a reputable provider you have the piece of mind of being reimbursed or covered if you have your camera stolen.

Wi-Fi upload of images from a stolen camera

Some digital still cameras memory cards will upload photos when detecting a wi-fi signal. This has actually led to the apprehension of some thieves who were unaware the memory card could connect wi-fi. The stolen camera's card would connect and upload not only the victim's photos but photos of the criminal who stole the camera. Pretty nice - when a thief gives you a high-res photo to apprehend him / her.

Theft insurance for rented video cameras

Many professional video cameras are stolen by someone who rents the HD/digital camera from an individual or HD camera rental company.

The camera rental company should always secure a certificate of liability from the renter, secure paperwork, and a copy of their driver's license. It is also not enough to simply secure a certificate of liability. After all it is simply a piece of paper which can be forged. Call information or Google the insurance provider. Call the number you find, not the number on the potentially fake certificate of liability. Speak to an insurance agent and confirm that the insurance policy is valid for the monies and dates listed. By taking these precautionary measures, you are limiting your risk an helping insurance that if you have to report a stolen video camera, you will at least be paid by the insurance company after you file a police report detailing the video camera theft.

Video camera theft has also occurred during the production / shoot or even when the vehicle containing the digital camera is simply left unattended in a restaurant parking lot, on the street or even in the rental house's parking lot. Thieves have been known to wait outside a video camera rental company and follow customers until they leave their production vehicle unattended with the video equipment inside - ready to be stolen.

Stolen camera database on which to report camera theft

A few stolen camera databases exist online. Unless they consolidate it is difficult to know on which one(s) you should spend your time to report a camera theft.

One of the owners of has seen the theft of video cameras an still camera firsthand for several years. In part, it was how came to be due to a complete lack of a centralized stolen camera list online, so their is a special interest in helping someone recover a stolen camera.

Since its inception, has become one of the premiere stolen video camera databases / stolen still camera databases in the world. It is free, well-programmed and allows a user to create to report a camera theft, regardless of whether it is a still camera, film camera or digital video camera. The site also makes it easy to search the list of stolen cameras, which have been reported on our site by police agencies, insurance companies and individuals.

We truly hope that the minimal time you take to report a stolen camera in our database begins a chain-of-events, which leads to the recovery of your stolen camera and brings the thief to justice.