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Stolen Blackberry Blackberry 9700

This Blackberry Blackberry 9700 has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    357360030537879
Make :   Blackberry
Model :   Blackberry 9700
Year :   2010
Color :   Black
Additional Info :   today 27 Agoust 2011 for about 20:00 GMT -5, stole my blackberry with my cell phone number in my city, Country: Ecuador State: Guayas City: Guayaquil Operator: CNT Alegro, Pin: 2161EC33 IMEI: 357360030537879 Model: 9700 I want to report it because the device is at&t I reported my number, but the device can not be blocked because it is not registered with my operator I have another blackberry 8520 device, this is the one I have currently registered with my telephone line, The problem is that the other device had not registered but is not correct that the device is sold by the thief, and the device is used again, I would like to send a statement to the operators of Ecuador, to lock the device when it is used again, or enabled by some other person, Please block the blackberry 9700 not to be used again in any country As additional information, the device that was stolen had the application installed with my GPS waypoints, in the street Portete I hope you help me, keep in mind that almost gets shot in my head: S

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If you recieve information about your Stolen Blackberry Blackberry 9700, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen Blackberry Blackberry 9700 personally.

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