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Tip Center - Stolen Bicycle Reports and Bicycle Theft Prevention

Stolen Bicycle Reports and Bicycle Theft Prevention is a free, simple to use stolen property database. It allows users around the world to report and search stolen property, including stolen bicycle reports. If you wish to report a stolen bicycle, you may do so easily by simply click REPORT STOLEN BICYCLE NOW to begin your online stolen bike report.

The information below is simply a collection of tips and lessons learned from stolen bicycles in the past. They are designed to he prevent people from becoming a victim of bicycle theft. If you are already a victim, read the stolen bicycle list page, which offers step-by-step instructions on how to file a police report for a stolen bicycle. If you have tips or information you would like to add, in the spirit of bicycle theft prevention and/or bringing bike thieves to justice, please contact us.


A U Lock can prevent a stolen bicycle

The majority of stolen bicycle reports occur because the victim either left their bicycle unlocked or used an easy-to-cut cable lock.

Statistics show that U locks are one of the best locks to purchase in order to prevent a stolen bicycle report at some point in the future. A decent one can be purchased for under $20, but a bicycle owner should be selective. U locks where the key must be inserted in the bottom of the U lock are less likely to be defeated by a bicycle thief’s tools.

Make certain, of course, that the U lock goes through the frame of your bike and not simply a wheel, since a wheel can easily be removed. Be mindful of your bicycle.

Lock it up, when possible, in a place where you can see it. If you cannot see it, make sure you lock it up in a public place since the bicycle thief will be more likely to took for a more private place where he can use his tools in order to steal a bicycle.

Take pictures of your bicycle in the event of a stolen bicycle

Take photos of your bicycle now, including serial numbers an engravings. In the event that your bicycle is stolen you can use these photos to file a police report for the stolen bike and also use them to report the theft on

Record all the manufacturer information in the event of bicycle theft

If you are not yet the victim of bicycle theft and have not had to report a stole bicycle, be thankful and take this time to write down the manufacturer name, model name and most importantly the serial number. Keep all this information in a secure place, and hopefully you will never need to use it. If your bicycle is stolen in the future, then this information will be required to file a police report for a stolen bicycle or to report the theft o your bicycle on

Mark or engrave your bicycle

Even if your bicycle has a serial number, a thief may try to remove it prior to selling a stolen bicycle. So it’s best to engrave your bike in an inconspicuous place. Engrave your driver’s license or email address. In the event police find the bicycle, they may find these markings and contact you to return you stolen bicycle.

Avoid storing your bike in public spaces

Many apartment complexes will ask or demand in the lease, that you store your bike in their public bike storage. However, the lease will also usually waive them from any and all liability in the event that your bicycle is stolen. Hundreds of people and their friends with access to your bike anytime day or night sounds like a disaster. Many tenants simply choose to ignore the lease agreement, or it threatened simply the store their bike a storage space.