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Stolen Apple Macbook Pro A1211

This Apple Macbook Pro A1211 has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    W86469ULW0H
Make :   Apple
Model :   Macbook Pro A1211
Year :   2007
Color :   Aluminum
Additional Info :   I buy, repair and sell computers. I use Craigslist primarily. I bought this to repair and sell. It was stolen while trying to sell it in Atlanta West End Mall. Met him in a place called American Deli where he said he worked. Said he was going to the back office to plug it in and then left out a side door. I was stupid to let it out of my sight. Turned out he did not work there but was a thief. Went by the name of Tony Jenkins ( (404-457-1529). These are the email and phone number he used. Description African America 5ft 5 inches. 175 lbs. Model A1211 2.33 Ghz Macbookpro 3,1 Serial number W86469ULW0H


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If you recieve information about your Stolen Apple Macbook Pro A1211, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen Apple Macbook Pro A1211 personally.

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