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Stolen Apple Macbook Pro 12 inch

This Apple Macbook Pro 12 inch has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :   
Make :   Apple
Model :   Macbook Pro 12 inch
Year :   2008
Color :   Silver, with a blueish Tree st
Additional Info :   orange peace sticker on right hand rest, a black "I do my own stunts" bike sticker on the left as well as a "House Board shop" sticker right below it (also on the left). Someone stole this the night of my Birthday, November 5th 2011- November 6th 2011 (early morning) from my best friends house. If anyone has any information or knows who has it, please contact me. All i want is it back, i have so much school work on there and I am extremely upset, please just give it back. I didnt do anything to deserve this, for goodness sake it was my birthday, worst birthday ever. Please find it in the kindness of your heart to give it back. If you or anyone you know, is aware of the where abouts of this computer please contact me, Catherine Oliver at 908-601-4226 or by e-mailing me I will not have you arrested under the law, im not looking to incriminate anybody, I am a student very concerned with my documents, notes, memories etc. Thank you for your help!


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If you recieve information about your Stolen Apple Macbook Pro 12 inch, you should contact local authorities immediately. Do not attempt to recover your Stolen Apple Macbook Pro 12 inch personally.

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