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Stolen Apple iPhone 4S 16GB

This Apple iPhone 4S 16GB has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    C39GV7R1DTF9
Make :   Apple
Model :   iPhone 4S 16GB
Year :   2011
Color :   Black
Additional Info :   iPhone 4S 16GB Black Verizon iPhone Bad ESN. This phone was lost at Six Flags in Valencia, CA at Magic Mountain on the ride Colossus on Tuesday, 12/27/11 @ approx. 6:40PM-6:53PM PST. It has been reported stolen with Valencia, CA Police Department and LAPD. iCloud's Find My iPhone located the last position of the iPhone before it may have been unlocked/reset/hacked near 8545 Burnet Ave., Los Angeles, CA 91343 (there was a specific unit listed. If you have suspicion, I can inform you, but I don't want to post the full address online). The police searched this place, but since the phone was Offline at the moment, we got no further than the car in the driveway. This person stated that they had been to Six Flags the day before us and admitted being on the same ride, but all seemed too fishy and we couldn't continue with the investigation that night). All he showed as evidence was a text from his dad that said "How was Magic Mountain". When asked for the receipt to the theme park he ignored it and the police didn't push for it. We, also were on vacation so we are no longer in the area. Unfortunately we don't have any pictures of the device, because it wasn't even a week old. It should have several messages on it from iOS 5's notification system unless they unlocked it. The background was a default iOS 5 background of a cobblestone road. It has an Commuter Series Hybrid Case (Black exterior plastic, Gray interior Silicone). The phone had not yet been installed with the screen protector when lost. The box for the case has this number on it: 20-14460_E (may be useful). The phone had only a few apps on it. UP by Jawbone, and the orientation of the apps were very similar to "out-of-the-box" look, except the Mail app and the Messages app were switched from upper left to bottom right and vice versa. Settings was in the bottom row (not dock) in the 3rd spot, and the Newsstand was moved to the second page. At the time the phone had no scratches or marks on it that could separate it from others. It does have several Christmas pictures/videos of identifying people as well as messages, phone calls, and voicemails. The mail app was linked to one Gmail account. Hopefully this information helps. THANKS TO ANYONE WHO IS WILLING TO HELP! The phone is registered with Verizon and has been reported stolen there as well.


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