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Stolen Apple iPad iPad 2 3G

This Apple iPad iPad 2 3G has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    DLXGX4J5DJHG
Make :   Apple iPad
Model :   iPad 2 3G
Year :   2011
Color :   black
Additional Info :   At approximately 10:00 PM on 7/7/12 I picked up my cousin, Mr. Elijah McLin, and his friend, a Mr. Mark Frazier (Black male, approximately 5'10", approximate age 36-38) to attend a family event (my sisters 42th birthday party). My iPad2 (serial # DLXGX4J5DJHG, inscription on the back of the device reads "jlp3's iPad") in it's black leather carrying case was in my vehicle (2005 black Infiniti G35 coupe, Tag # WQ876). When I picked up my cousin and his acquaintance Mr. Frazier, I moved my iPad to the back seat, where Mr. Frazier sat. We then went to my sister's party located at 5964 Grove Street South (St. Petersburg, 33705). That was the last time I saw the device. Once at my sister's place of residence, I made certain to lock my vehicle. At approximately 1:15 AM, Mr. McLin, Mr Frazier and I departed the party and traveled to Clearwater to go to a night club. Again, at this location I also made certain to lock my vehicle, as I am very protective about my vehicles condition and it's interior devices (i.e. radar detector). My cousin, Mr. McLin met up with friends at the club and asked me to take Mr. Frazier home, as he wished to remain at the establishment until closing. At approximately 2:30 AM on 7/8/12 we left Clearwater and returned to South St. Pete. I dropped Mr. Frazier off at his place of residence on 52nd Avenue South and Martin Luther King Street South and returned to my mother's home at 2501 Union Street South. When exiting the vehicle, I reached in the back for my iPad and it was gone. Mr. McLin and I were unable to find it and Mr. Frazier has denied taking it.

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