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Stolen 2013 2013

This 2013 2013 has been reported stolen.
Serial Number :    IMEI:357989052537712 SN:C39LD0QVFNJL
Make :   2013
Model :   2013
Year :   2013
Color :   Gold
Additional Info :   Empty Box Tracking Number USPS: 23110770000053582347 Tracking Number Shopandship (aramex): 9131841320 On the date 09/27/2013, I purchased an item from this iPhone 5s gold 16gb Verizon brand new sealed in box, ebay Item Number 321217820624 the package was sent on the date 09/27/2013 to USPS priority mail,scheduled delivery Day monday 09/30/2013 to aramex delivery service. And After aramex had received the package, a message was sent To me . The package was empty in image 0,1,2,3,31# and When the seller was contacted and asked about the situation. The answer was the package was stolen at the delivery Service aramex .Here is a copy of the official statement from Aramex in images 0,4,5,31#. The package arrived empty weighing (2.4oz - 0.07kg - 0.15lb )in image 31# and that what Aramex (my re-shipping company) proved by picture also the USPS sent the package empty weighing (14.1oz - 0.40kg - 0.88lb) in image 32# and the receipt that seller sent me to prove that the phone he sold me is legit is fake and taken by camera Minolta co,Ltd and photoshoped using software name GIMP and another called Irfan View in images 6,7,8,27# ..I've contacted Verizon and I have a screen shot of the conversation with customer support proven that no such a receipt number was issued nor a bill of sale in image 12_22 #..please check out the attachment..the seller have waisted my time and alot of money. A contract was requested to prove that the transaction was legal. A forged document was sent as a contract, and two specialists in fraud and forgery confirmed this.As you can see in images 23_30# and images 28,29,30# the areas are clear. The seller does not have the items in possession. The three crimes are : Sending an empty package,in images 1,2,3# Selling an item not in his possession. Forging a contract in images 6,7,8,24,25,26,28,29,30# my used extrazoom website see invoice: Attachment proofs case : or Unfortunately these cases of frauds are repetitive with the coming of every new iPhone from apple which degrades and ruin the the safety reputation of the #1 E-commerce website in the world,Ebay. Note: the package I received my address was labeled with a hand written label missing description of the package and it's weight and Without it was completely empty (no phone, padding or a bill,the Seller assumes responsibility) in images 1,2,3# check from IMEI #357989052537712 in sites information without activation sim card and without registered status and without date contract and status.

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This 2013 2013 was reported stolen in Taif 26516, Saudi Arabia on 11-02-2013.

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