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Tip Center - Report a Stolen GPS or learn about GPS Theft Prevention

Report GPS Stolen is an easy to use online database on which you can report stolen property, including a stolen GPS / global positioning system. In order to begin the process to report the theft on, simply click the REPORT STOLEN GPS NOW button.

Alternatively, you may continue to read the tips below. This information includes tips regarding what to do if your GPS is stolen and/or to prevent the theft of your GPS / Garmin. Please note - Garmin is sometimes used in place of GPS unit on this page, since Garmin users are the majority of the GPS market. Cell Phones, PDAs and the like are excluded for the global positioning category.


File a police report for a GPS theft

(Step 1) Contact the police department, which has jurisdiction over the area in which your GPS was stolen. Inform them that you wish to report a stolen GPS unit. The police will then either as you to come into the station in order to fill out a police report for stolen equipment or come to the location of the crime.

(Step 2) In order to fill-out the police report for the stole Garmin / GPS, the police will ask you a series of questions. Answer the questions with as much detail as possible, and let the police decide what information relating the GPS theft is relevant. If you feel a piece of information can help police recover your stolen GPS, and they do not ask a question which elicits a response including this information, then share it with them

(Step 3) Once your complete the police report for the GPS theft, you will be issued a case number. Keep this case number handy, since you will need to refer to it for updates and information pertaining to the stolen global positioning system unit.

(Step 4) If during the course of the police investigation, you become aware of the whereabouts of your stolen Garmin / GPS, do not attempt to recover it personally. Allow the police to handle thief, and arrest the individual.

Report a stolen Garmin to the insurance company

Depending on the type of homeowner's insurance or auto insurance, which you carry, you may be covered for replacement value of your stolen GPS unit. After filing a police report, contact your insurance company and inform them of the stolen GPS. You will need to provide the insurance company with the case number, which the police issued. Many insurance companies will not pay-out without this police case number.

Keep in mind, that some unscrupulous insurance companies may lie and claim you are not covered. Hopefully, you have a copy of your insurance policy. If you do, read the policy and attempt to determine if you are covered for the GPS theft. If the insurance company claims you are not you can then recite the sentence(s) in the policy which you believe cover you. If the agent continues to argue, ask to speak to a supervisor. If the supervisor disagrees with you and you believe in the merit of your case, you may wish to file a claim for replacement value of the stolen GPS unit in small claims court.

Report your GPS stolen in's stolen GPS database

After you have filed a police report and reported the GPS theft to your insurance company, report the stolen GPS for free on It's easy to do so, and by taking a minute to do so you will be entering information into a worldwide stolen GPS database which can be searched by anyone in the world maximizing you chance to recover a stolen GPS device.

Contact the manufacturer of the stolen GPS

Some GPS manufacturers maintain a stolen property list / database. Contact the manufacturer of your GPS and determine if this is the case.

Searching Craigslist and eBay for a stolen global positioning system

You can search eBay and Craigslist for a stolen GPS, but it is extremely unlikely the thief would submit the stolen GPS serial number. The best way to recover a stolen GPS is to report it to police and to report the GPS stolen on the world's most comprehensive online stolen item database -

Consider buying Garmin Lock

If you do own a newer Garmin, they may already contain a Garmin lock. Older model Garmins will no include this feature and the software will have to be purchased separately.

A Garmin lock is a four-digit security code which must be entered prior to us of the GPS functionality. In the event your Garmin is stolen the thief would have to enter the security code, otherwise the device is useless. The thief may get frustrated and simply unload the stolen Garmin on an unsuspecting buyer. The buyer, in turn, may research why they can not access the GPS and contact Garmin or enter the serial number of the Garmin into Either way, the buyer comes to learn that your Garmin is stolen and is required by law to return the stolen property to its rightful owner."

Can't Garmin and other manufacturers track my stolen GPS unit?

As of this writing, several users of, have wondered why Garmin and other GPS manufacturers can't simply lead police to the stolen Garmin. It is a GPS unit after all.

There may be legal implications discouraging GPS manufacturers from becoming involved, but perhaps police can one day work directly with GPS manufacturers in order to recover the stolen equipment.

The administrators of will watch this situation carefully, and update this tip as more information becomes available. If you are aware of specific GP manufacturers who are tracking stolen GPS units for users, please contact us and let us know.

How should I store my GPS unit in my car when it's not in use?

Thieves are opportunists. Most likely, a thief has not followed you to a parking lot looking to steal your GPS unit; the thief was already in the parking lot. They simply look inside car windows to see if there is anything valuable inside, determine if doors are unlocked, attempt to determine if there is a car alarm and then either shatter or jimmy the door.

Obviously, simply keep GPS unit and all the equipment which accompanies it (GPS windshield mount, GPS power adaptor, etc.) out-of-sight in the glove box or under the seat and the thief will be none the wiser when they look through your car window.

Beware of purchasing Garmins without searching stolen GPS databases

Before you purchase a used GPS you should search our online stolen gps database / list and contact the manufacturer of the GPS, in order to discover if either source has reported the GPS stolen.

If either has reported a GPS theft, you should contact police immediately.

If you have already purchased the GPS unit, you are now in possession of stolen property and unless you contact the police immediately you can be charged with a felony in the United States."

It's best to simply contact police, turn over the stolen GPS - lesson learned.