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Tip Center - About Property Theft And How To Report Property Theft

Property Theft

About property theft


Property theft is constantly on the rise, especially now with today's small, expensive electronic gadgets and communication devices. These easy to steal items are very attractive to thieves as they can get both usage and a good dollar amount for them.

Search the property theft database


Property theft database

Click here to view the entire property theft database by item and serial number. Or, if you have a serial number or VIN, simply enter it in the text field at the top of the page and click "Search" to run a query on the property theft database.

How to report property theft


Report property theft

If you have unfortunately experienced property theft yourself, click the "REPORT PROPERTY THEFT NOW" button below to report your missing belongings. By reporting property theft on the theft database, it's instantly posted world-wide and can be found on the search engines. is a public service to reduce theft, make it more difficult to sell or fence stolen goods and help you find your lost or stolen property. Help reduce property theft by reporting your stolen property today and protect yourself when buying used items by checking to see if they have been reported stolen on the property theft database.