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Tip Center - Find Lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone

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Having a lost iPhone or being the victim of a stolen iPhone is a terrible feeling. We are here to help maximize your chance to recover your lost iPhone or stolen iPhone.

The iPhone is currently one of the world’s most popular smart phones. People carry their iPhones with them everywhere, which means there's always a chance of a lost iPhone or a stolen iPhone. You can report a lost iPhone or stolen iphone now by clicking the blue button below or continue to read the helpful tips on this page which include how to prevent iPhone theft, track a stolen iPhone, file a police report for iPhone theft, how to report stolen iPhone here on and iPhone recovery.

Find Your Lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone for FREE!


Apple recently released a free service to find a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone with "Find My iPhone"

8 January 2011

Just recently, Apple began offering for free what had previously only been available for paid MobileMe subscribers; device locator software for a lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone.

Image of Apple find lost iPhone or stolen iPhone

The procedure to install is a pretty easy process an Apple even lays it out on the website: If you haven't discovered this yet or taken the time to set it up, you will definitely be happy you did if you experience a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone first hand.

So far this free service to find a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone doesn't seem to be a gimmick.

Here are the steps to set up your free MobileMe account to find lost iPhone or stolen iPhone (unfortunately this is only available for iPhone 4):

  1. Navigate to you settings and select Mail, Contacts and Calendars and add a MobileMe account. If you don't have a MobileMe account, your iTunes account should suffice.
  2. Upon selecting the MobileMe account you will be prompted to sign in, here type in your email address used for iTunes and the password used for downloading apps.
  3. At some point of the set up process you may get a message stating a change of MobileMe terms, you can read the service terms agreement or simply click "Accept" at the bottom. Upon selecting "Accept," the settings app will quit and you are signed up for the free find my lost iPhone MobileMe service.
  4. Check your email for the verification message and click the "Verify Now" link.
  5. Upon clicking the "Verify Now" link, you will be directed to the Apple. Once again enter your iTunes email and password.
  6. If upon verifying your account, go to Settings in your iPhone to see if the MobileMe account has appeared. If it didn't, select Account again, select MobileMe and log in with your iTunes account.
  7. Once again go to add a MobileMe account, this time you should be prompted to turn on "Find My iPhone," flip the switch and select "Allow" to have service activated.

This is a mildly time consuming and slightly redundant process, but now your done! Follow those steps and you will be signed up and your iPhone will begin tracking its location via GPS.

See your lost iPhone or stolen iPhone location online:

  • Go to a computer on any browser and go to
  • Sign in to using your iTunes email and password.
  • Upon signing in your should see a Google Map displaying the location of your iPhone.
  • Clicking your device will prompt three options: "Display Message or Sound," "Lock" and "Wipe."

It is a very nice option being able to wipe your device remotely to avoid important data and information from being extracted. If you do leave a message and there is no response, chances are your iPhone was stolen and you should report it to the police and report the stolen iPhone online here on

See your lost iPhone or stolen iPhone location on another Apple mobile device:

You can also view your lost iPhone or stolen iPhone with Apple's "Find My iPhone" app on a iPad or iPod. You can perform the "Display Message or Sound," "Lock" and "Wipe" functions remotely just like you can online on a computer.


A good virtue to follow is "expect the best, prepare for the worst," view the stolen iPhone database to see for yourself. Expect that you will never experience a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone, but you will thank your lucky stars and yourself if you do and have this service installed and can track your beloved iPhone. If, unfortunately, you are already experiencing a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone and didn't have this service installed, you can report the iPhone lost or stolen on the world-wide online database of