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Tip Center - Report Stolen Laptop and Laptop Theft Prevention

How To Report a Stolen Laptop and Laptop Theft Prevention is is a free, global stolen property database, allowing users an easy way to report laptop theft, to report a stolen computer (links to tip page) or to report any other stolen item. If you wish to report a stolen laptop simply click REPORT LAPTOP COMPUTER THEFT NOW in order to begin the process.

The tips and information below were collected from a variety of sources either to help ease the loss accompanied with laptop theft, or to help you avoid becoming a victim of a stolen laptop in the future. If you have other tips and/or information regarding pc theft or laptop theft please contact us. If you'd like to report a stolen desktop computer or laptop in our stolen computer database, simply click the button and you will be guided quickly and easily through the process.


Step by Step - How To Report a Stolen Laptop

(Step 1) Report a stolen laptop to your local police department immediately. Do not call 911 or other emergency numbers as laptop theft is not an emergency situation.

(Step 2) The police will either come to your location or ask you to fill out an official stolen laptop report at police headquarters. Most police officers will simply prompt you for the information they need in order to fill out the paperwork associated with the stolen laptop computer. Provide as much information as possible for increasing the chance of recovering your stolen laptop.

(Step 3) Report laptop theft to all credit card companies and banks is any information financial information was stored on the stolen laptop. If you are a victim of computer theft, be aware that some browsers and websites save log in and password information, allowing the theif access to the website without loggin in.

(Step 4) If you've backed-up your information recently, review those files to see what the criminal may have access to. Take the relevant steps to prevent the stolen laptop resulting in additional problems. If necessary, contact credit reporting agencies to put a hold on any new account activity. This will prevent your identity from being stolen or credit being applied in your name.

(Step 5) Report a stolen laptop to local authorized repair centers. Laptop technicians often keep local lists to make certain that they are not working on a stolen laptop. On several computers the main identity or administrator cannot be changed or altered unless a complete wipe of the laptop has been done. This requires a complete reinstall of all the applications on the computer. The applications are usually worth much more to a thief and a prospective buyer, than the stolen laptop itself, which leaves the thieves in a difficult position. The thief probably isn't even aware of this choice, and the main identity is simply left intact increasing your chances to recover the stolen laptop provided you reported the laptop theft.

(Step 6) If you have renter's or homeowners' insurance, report the stolen laptop computer to your insurance policy holder. You may need to provide the police report number associated with the laptop theft in order to collect financially.

(Step 7) Report the stolen laptop online on It's free and easy to use stolen property database, which includes a stolen laptop database. Our website allows people around the world to search serial numbers of stolen computers, in order to determine if the pc (personal computer) was reported stolen.

What good is an IP address?

There is a permanent IP address is permanently affixed to a stolen laptop. This can lead to its recovery. It's operating as a global GPS which can be tracked. If you are the victim of a stolen laptop, IP addresses help increase the chances of recovery. There is tracking software that can be installed to locate a stolen laptop anywhere in the world. We are currently reviewing such stolen laptop tracking software and will post the list soon.

How should I transport my laptop?

In order to prevent laptop theft in the future, when in public avoid carrying your laptops in view. Use a nondescript carrying bag when transporting a laptop. Not only will this bag prevent thieves from knowing if you are carrying a computer and avoid the experience of a stolen laptop, but a good padded bag can prevent a computer from being damaged in the event it is dropped or bumped against hard surfaces.

Laptop theft is a crime of opportunity.

The same thing you love about your laptop, namely the convenient mobility, is the same reason it can become a stolen laptop quite easily. Always be aware of your surroundings and do not leave your laptop unattended for even a moment. It sounds simple, but you'd be shocked at how many times victims of laptop theft say to police, "I was just gone for a few seconds." That's all it really takes for a laptop to become a stolen laptop.

It is never a good idea to have a stranger "watch" your laptop for you. They have no investment to you or your laptop, they may be busy or receive a phone call, distracting them from supervising and as previously mentioned, it only takes a second for a stolen laptop disappearing act.

How can I password protect my laptop in the event it becomes a stolen laptop?

One good practice to have is a password requirement for your laptop. This requires a password to be typed in every time after it has been turned off, closed or put to sleep.

Setting a password for Mac users:

  • Click the Apple icon at the top left of the screen
  • Click System Preferences
  • Select Security
  • Click the "Require password after sleep or screen saver begins" and the "Disable automatic login" check boxes.

Setting a password for Windows users:

  • Click on the Start
  • Go to the control panel
  • Go to the Require a password on wake up which will appear on the left side
  • Click the “Change settings that are currently unavailable” link
  • Click on the "Require a password"

Now if you are the victim of a stolen laptop, the thief can not access your files and personal documents on the stolen laptop.

Choosing a stolen laptop database

You're a victim and need to report a stolen laptop with police. You file a police report for a stolen laptop and then search for a stolen laptop database online. and other stolen laptop database websites may be returned on the first page. Which one do you choose? There are only a handful of stolen computer lists online, on which you can both report a stolen laptop or search to determine if a laptop has been reported stolen, so it is probably in your best interests to report the stolen laptop on three or four sites.

However, if you only have time or desire to simply enter your information into a single stolen laptop online database, then should be your choice.