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Tip Center - Lost iPhone Or Stolen iPhone Replacement

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Having a lost iPhone or being the victim of a stolen iPhone is a terrible feeling. We are here to help maximize your chance to recover your lost iPhone or stolen iPhone.

The iPhone is currently one of the world’s most popular smart phones. People carry their iPhones with them everywhere, which means there's always a chance of a lost iPhone or a stolen iPhone. You can report a lost iPhone or stolen iphone now by clicking the blue button below or continue to read the helpful tips on this page which include how to prevent iPhone theft, track a stolen iPhone, file a police report for iPhone theft, how to report stolen iPhone here on and iPhone recovery.

Lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone Replacement


Lost iPhone or Stolen iPhone

At the time of writing this, AT&T is currently the only authorized service provider for the Apple iPhone. What happens if you buy if from an AT&T store is that they purchase the iPhone from apple for something like $550 dollars then sell it to the consumer for a reduced price with the intention of making the cost back over the two year contract. If there is a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone reported to them, unfortunately they really do nothing for you other than suspend the service so additional charges can't be racked up.

Now don't get me wrong, I personally think cell phone carriers are corrupt and run a long list of money-grubbing techniques on the consumer. Irregardless, from a business standpoint, AT&T really isn't able to take the hit every time there is a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone. It's like saying every time there's a stolen car, the manufacturer, Honda for instance, has to replace it.

The best way for a lost or stolen iPhone replacement is to prepare and protect yourself with some sort of iPhone insurance. It seems that the reputable insurance provider State Farm offers insurance for a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone, for more information, click here. There are other providers out there so shop around and be sure to ask questions, such as:

  • What's the coverage for drops and spills?
  • What is the maximum retail amount payable for replacement of a lost iPhone or stolen iPhone?
  • How much is the deductible per claim?
  • How many claims available per term?
  • What entails a term? (quarterly, yearly, every 16 months, etc.)
  • What iPhones are included in the claim?
  • How old can the iPhone be to insure it?