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Tip Center - iPhone Insurance Providers

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Being the victim of a lost or stolen iPhone is a terrible feeling. We are here to help maximize your chance to recover your lost or stolen iPhone.

iPhone is currently the world’s most popular smart phone. People carry their iPhones with them everywhere, which means there's always a chance of a lost iPhone or a stolen iPhone. You can report a lost or stolen iphone now by clicking the blue button below or continue to read the helpful tips on this page which include how to prevent iPhone theft, track a stolen iPhone, file a police report for iPhone theft, how to report stolen iPhone here on and iPhone recovery.

iPhone Insurance For A Lost, Damaged Or Stolen iPhone


There are many third party companies that insure iPhones for iPhone loss, iPhone damage and iPhone theft. This iPhone insurance costs around four to ten US dollars a month. There is some deductible involved but if you need to report lost iPhone, report damaged iPhone or report stolen iPhone this cost will be much more inexpensive than having to purchase iPhone without the insurance if you are in contract with a service provider.

Of the insurance companies that insure iPhone theft, it seems that State Farm Company has a policy called "Personal Articles Policy." This policy covers cell phones which cost over $400. The current cost and conditions for this iPhone theft policy at the time of writing this is $30.00/year, it has no deductible and covers everything. Contact State Farm for details and availability for the iPhone theft insurance. State Farm phone number is 1-888-559-1922.